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NB the rating=0 means a good beer that is not rated precisely, but that would deserve a good rating, often 8 or more

name brewery style substyle country ABV Rating
albani beer albani LAGER - PALE (CHIARA) DEN
albani porter albani STOUT/PORTER IMPERIAL DEN 7.8 9
giraf albani STRONG LAGER DEN 6.8
carlsberg special carlsberg STRONG LAGER DEN 8.5
elephant carlsberg STRONG LAGER DEN 7.1
imperial stout carlsberg STOUT/PORTER IMPERIAL DEN 7.8 7.25
paske bryg carlsberg STRONG LAGER DEN 8.7 8.5
carlsberg beer carlsberg - poretti LAGER - PALE (CHIARA) DEN 4.6
ceres beer ceres LAGER - PALE (CHIARA) DEN
ceres export ceres STRONG LAGER DEN 7.7 6.75
ceres stout ceres STOUT/PORTER IMPERIAL DEN 7.7 7.25
ceres top pilsener ceres LAGER - PALE (CHIARA) PILSEN DEN 4.6
red eric ceres LAGER - PALE (CHIARA) DEN
faxe faxe LAGER - PALE (CHIARA) DEN 5.6
odin pils faxe (ex odin) LAGER - PALE (CHIARA) PILSEN DEN 4.7
110 jubilaeums pilsner harboe LAGER - PALE (CHIARA) PILSEN DEN 4.6
bjorn beer harboe STRONG LAGER DEN 8.9 6.75
dark bear harboe STRONG LAGER EXTRASTRONG DEN 10 7.25
black hole mikkeller STOUT/PORTER IMPERIAL DEN 13.1 8.75
santas little helper mikkeller ALE - BELGIAN STYLE etc QUADRUPEL DEN 11 8
to: from: mikkeller STOUT/PORTER DEN 8 8.5
green rocky neptun SPECIAL SPICED/HERBS DEN
julebryg tuborg LAGER - AMBER (ROSSA) DEN 5.6 6.25
porter double stout tuborg STOUT/PORTER IMPERIAL DEN 7.25
royal denmark tuborg STRONG LAGER DEN 7.8 6.75
tuborg gold label tuborg - poretti LAGER - PALE (CHIARA) DEN 5.7
tuborg green label tuborg - poretti LAGER - PALE (CHIARA) PILSEN DEN
limfjord porter urban STOUT/PORTER IMPERIAL DEN
wibroe imperial stout wibroe STOUT/PORTER IMPERIAL DEN

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