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Maxbeer - Italian & World Beer - Strongest beers by alcohol

Top beers by alcohol
Le birre piu' forti

cat in the barrel BEL mikkeller 18.2
world wide stout USA dogfish head 18
samuel adams triple bock USA boston beer co. 17.5 40
maelstorm ITA starbess - rome 16 32
sedicigradi ITA birra del borgo 16
domesday (strongest) ENG devenish 15.9 32.7
farriers ale ENG shoes 15.1
belzebuth (1) FRA jeanne d'arc 15
samichlaus (2) SUI eggenberger 14 28
xiauyu ITA baladin 13.5 36
black hole DEN mikkeller 13.1
cuvee delphine BEL struise 13
oerbier special reserva 2005 BEL de dolle brouwers 13
oerbier special reserva 2006 BEL de dolle brouwers 13
stille nacht special reserva 2005 BEL de dolle 13
caesaurus SUI hurlimann 12.6
angel's share 2008 USA port brewing 12.5
geisha ITA troll 12.5 28
parabola USA firestone walker 12.5
tosta ITA pausa cafe' 12.5
tosta sour ITA pausa cafe' 12.5
weyerbacher quad USA weyerbacher 12.1
aventinus weizen eisbock GER schneider 12
biere du demon FRA enfants de gayant 12 21.7
bush beer BEL dubuisson 12 24
bush noel BEL dubuisson 12
bush triple BEL dubuisson 12
fortator GER engel 12
kasteel BEL van honsebrouck 12
mahleur 12 BEL landtsheer 12
rochefortoise winter BEL rochefortoise 12 26.3
speedway stout USA alesmith 12
terra ITA baladin 12
thomas hardy's ale (3) ENG elridge pope 12 29.2
tokyo SCO brewdog 12

These are the strongest beer (by alc. vol%) I ever tasted. I selected the ones above 11%
Of course there could be many beers that I never tried with a very high alcoholic strength.
At times even stronger beers have been produced, e.g. Baz's Super Brew, by Parish Brewery, U.K.: 23% alcool vol. (scarce information about this ale, no longer produced. I don't know if the strength data is confirmed).
Lately in USA there is sort a competition on the strongest beer: Boston Beer Company featured Samuel Adams Millenium (19.5% alc. vol.) produced only once, just for the Millenium, available at astonishing price; and later went on with Samuel Adams Utopia (more regularly brewed but still extremely rare and expensive) at 24% and then 25% ABV.
Dogfish Head brewery after an oaccasional Raison d'Extra at about 20% abv, is brewing Wide World Stout (first at 18% and now 23%) and 120 Minutes IPA (about 21%). This beer are less rare and sold at more reasonable prices.


Sugar content is expressed in degrees Plato, i.e. degrees by weight. If the sugar content is expressed in % by volume, the value is larger (ex. Domesday, 32.7 Plato, 37.3 by volume!)
The alcohol content of some beers has changed during the years. For example, I tasted Eku 28 both at 11% and 12% a.b.v., but it looks like it has been brewed both stronger and weaker than these values.
Beers in italic are out of production
(1)Now brewed at 13% abv.
(2)Originally produced by Hurlimann (SUI). At the beginning two versions (pale and dark) were available.
(3)Last brewed in 1999; it has come back brewed by another brewery (O' Hanlon's) at a slightly lower ABV.

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