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Nuovo libro di homebrewing:
La tua birra fatta in casa


Beer Labels of '900

2006 Guide to Microbreweries, Pubs, Beershops


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All this site (text, images, databases) is copyright by Massimo Faraggi, released with CC BY-NC-ND 3.0 license.

I am always happy to receive emails from my site's visitors. Sometimes, though, because of the number of received emails and of my personal duties, I cannot reply in a short time. Anyway I answer all the emails, but in some cases that could be with a few days (even weeks) of delay.

For this reason, if you need an information, please check if you can already find it in the site, so that you can get it quicker and save me the work to write again what I already wrote! More precisely:

If you need to know how to open a microbrewery, check this Section. Besides some little suggestions and good-luck wishes, I have not much more informations than what I put in that page. To know more, I greatly suggest the link (Unionbirrai) that you find in that same section.

For informations and doubts regarding homebrewing, carefully read the homebrewing section. The Guides I personally wrote are not much updated but still useful; the so-called megafaq (by myself and other authors) is very exhaustive; besides, in the recommended link ( you can find everything. If you have specific doubts and issues, do write me, but consider also the option to post your question on it.hobby.birra newsgroup, where you can get not a single reply but many (possibly including my own! I write there with the Rosalba e Massimo) nickname.

Regarding Collecting of labels, coasters etc, keep in mind that I have not a huge collection and I don't trade. Check the collectors' sites in my link section, and contact them.

So, is it possible to write me directly? Of course, and I will be happy to reply - it'žs just that sometimes you'll have to wait a few days (or even weeks). My email is: Massimo Faraggi: rosamax (at ISP:)


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