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Nuovo libro di homebrewing:
La tua birra fatta in casa


Beer Labels of '900

2006 Guide to Microbreweries, Pubs, Beershops


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All this site (text, images, databases) is copyright by Massimo Faraggi, released with CC BY-NC-ND 3.0 license.

Since 1997 - that is, last century! - has been reporting the craft beer scene, then at the beginning, with an always updated guide of all the microbreweries in Italy, together with the best beershops and beer bars. With the years - and with the ever increasing number of new breweries - the task of updating the Guide without delays become more difficult; in the meantime other sites specialized with good result on this task. So I decided to give up the updates, only giving in this section some links (just the main ones) for the details. The old Beer Guide (updated up to about 2006) is still available in the Vintage section, as an "historical" document.

Craft beer on the web: guides, databases, news and reviews about microbreweries and not only

  • The main website on italian micros: a complete database, updated in real time, of both breweries and their beers, rated by users
  • Mondobirra Used to be the main resource about microbreweries, now it is less updated than but richer in other informations: photos, interviews, videos, news etc.
  • Cronache di Birra Among the many beer blogs, certainly the best known, most visited, updated and interesting.
  • Books

  • Guida alle birre d'Italia 2011 by Slowfood. Most of the existing microbreweries, with full descriptions of each one and reviews and ratings of each beer. The next edition (2013) will be out in 2012.
  • Associations

  • Unionbirrai is the associations gathering (since last century) many italian microbreweries, and also generally promotes craft beer culture.
  • MoBI, Movimento Birrario Italiano (Italian Beer Movement) is the italian national craft beer consumers and homebrewing association.
  • In the MoBI's (and Unionbirrai's) website you can find links an references of other local beer consumers associations.

    What's more in this site

  • The "Vintage" Guide: the old Guide on this site (see above), no more updated but still with plenty of informations.
  • Some informations about starting a microbrewery in Italy

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