Homebrewing Suppliers (warning: list no longer updated)

Shops with the icon mail order can send the goods by mail and most have online catolog and order form.
Thanks to Carlo, Gero, Alessandro, Francesco, Paolo, Grazia, Mario, Ton Notemans and all the IHB group for the informations.

All grain Brewing + Kits

The following shops sell many ingredients such as grains, hops, dry and liquid yeasts. They also have not only the basic equipment but also a few (or many) items for all grain brewing.
Besides that, they also sell a good range of kits (hopped extracts) and the related simple equipment

mail orderP.A.B. - Mr. Malt
P.a.b. sas Via R. Battistig 51/53 - 33100 Udine - Italy
Tel ++39 432 511450 - Fax ++39 432 26938 email: pab@mr-malt.it
Used with satisfaction by many italian homebrewers. Comparing it to the foreign shops, the advantages are mainly the shipping fares, while the choice is by now still more limited with respect to the best european homebrew shops; but its catalogue is constantly growing (e.g. Wyeast, spices etc.)
Prices: something more expensive and something cheaper than the shops abroad. Adding shipping fares (and there is no more a minimum order) it can be quite convenient
Note that the owner is very helpful and active in the homebrewing scene, and often sponsorizing beer events (I'll try to keep you informed about it).

Menietti Via Corte di Appello 22 (angolo Piazza Savoia) Torino - tel. 4369438
Besides the homebrewing, Menietti is one of the oldest shops in Turin selling wine and winemaking items, glassware and so on. Its catalog is similar to P.A.B., so the same considerations about prices as above can be applied.
Also Menietti is quite helpful to the homebrewers and willing to organize hbrew meetings and events.
Thanks for the information to Carlo Macinai who is keeping us updated about the Turin homebrewing scene.

Roybeer - Via Plinio - 20129 Milano - Tel 02 20402175
It started just as a beer web site (Roybeer Homebrewing) then they opened this shop in Milan. They have both beer bottles and homebrewing equipment

Da Rai Via Argiroffo 15 (Piazza dei Pescatori) Chiavari (GE) - tel. 0185 325188 - 0328 2124727
It is a... fish shop!, but thanks to the enthusiasm of a local homebrewer it also stores homebrewing ingredients and equipment from Mr. Malt catalogue.

mail orderThe art of brewing
C/o DataWare S.n.c. Via A. Polidori, 68 - 01100 Viterbo - Fax 0761 39040
Distributed by (Viterbo and Provincia):
Bar/Ristorante Al Pallone - Bar/Ristorante La Molinella - Enoteca Rubeca Gianfranco
Other reseller (also on-line) of Mr. Malt products range, both Kit and all grain ingredients.

L'Agricola - Via Piave, 10 - 87100 Cosenza - tel. 098473523
Besides kits and unhopped extracts, they also sell grains. I don't know if they have also hops and yeasts, anyway it is one of the few shops in the south.

Only Kit .. or just something more

ELL & EFF - 39050 V÷ls a. S. / Fie (BZ) - Tel, Fax: 0471-726014

Agricola Varesina - Varese

Monverde Garden - localitÓ Bozza lago, Brebbia (VA)

Hobby Agricoltura S.A.S - Piazza Raibetta 13R - Genova - tel 010 2472636
Besides Kits, also a range of unhopped extracts (including wheat) and hop oils.

Vinoteca Sola - Piazza Colombo 13R - Genova - tel 010 561329

Luico - Sal. S. Caterina 17R - Genova - tel 010 588445

Utensil Market - Via Fieschi 103 - Lavagna (GE) tel 0185 313927

Sugherificio Suber - via Bezzecca 17 - 19122 LA SPEZIA - tel.0187743323.
It sells since years homebrewing kits and other beer items (glasses, books etc.)

mail orderPinta - Via Marsan, 28/30 - 36063 Marostica (VI) - tel. 0424 471424 fax 0424 476392
Wide range of kits, but also unhopped extracts and other items that are not always listed in the web page, including maybe grains and hops (ask by email)

F.lli Bruno - Via Traforo 2 - Bussoleno (To) - tel/fax 0122 49149

Enosacchi - Viale Troya - Milano

A Tutta Birra Via Palazzi,15 - 20124 Milano - Tel 02 201165
See also shop section in the Italian Micros & Pubs page
They may have also a selection of a few ingredients (grains, yeasts etc.)

Agrigarden - Via per Cavezzo, 24/a - Camposanto (MO)- tel. & fax 0535.87552

Oasi della Birra - Palombi - Piazza Testaccio 38/41 - Roma - Tel. 06/5746122
See also pub section in the Italian Micros & Pubs page
Besides the kits, they sell also a limited range of ingredients

S.A.P.I.G. snc - Via Tiburtina 340/342 - Roma - Tel: 0643588201 - 064393515 Fax: 064393622

Enotecnoagri Via Furio Camillo 107/109 - 00181 Roma - Tel 06788004

Agricola MA.RI Via della Bufalotta 161 - Roma - Tel 06/87136327

Birreria Babette - Via Caravaglios - Fuorigrotta (NA)

VE.PA. Ventola Alfredo & C. (S.N.C.) - Km. 11,600 str.Stat. 100 - Capurso (BA) - Tel. 455 99 70

mail orderVivis - Via del Canneto 10a - 9100 Cagliari - tel 070 503093 fax 070 520959
email:vivis@tiscalinet.it (vivis)
Closed according to the last information received


Some malt distributors working for microbreweries can sell also to homebrewers; usually minimum orders are quite big. For example, you can ask to Velo from Altivole or to E.C.O. (Criveller), see page about opening a microbrewery.

Uberti SRL Castello, 4931 - 30122 Venezia - Tel.: 041-5225311 Fax.: 041-5289738
E-mail:gsuberti@tin it
Weyermann distributor. They sell a wide range of malts in 25 Kgs bags; minimum order is 4 bags.

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