Other places

There are a few other places that (altough they do not meet the required minimum beer selection) some reviewers for some reasons considered worth mentioning. I put them here at random, and thank the people who informed me:
Fabio recommends the Baxter Music & Beer (Via Monte Coriolano - Potenza Picena (MC)); Lele points out The Scotsman (Varese) because of its hand-pumped scottish ales. Stefano likes the ControCorrente Risto-Pub (Via Nazionale 52 Spinone al Lago (BG)) because of the beer, the nice place, the music and... the beauty of the girls who own the pub! Another beer lover recommends the Cicci' Coco' (Castelceriolo (AL) Via Milanese 13) because of the quality of the beer, the pleasant location and the food. Cicci' Coco' is now also a brewpub! Look for it in the new entries section or in the microbreweries guide.
Other mentions for the Old Fox Pub (P.za S.Agostino, Milano), english looking but (sometimes) with tipical Milan food; Alice, the owner, informs us about her pub-restaurant, the Dug Out Pub near Schio, which, altough it has not by now as large a beer selection as the best pubs, offers cider, the Sheperd Neame ales range, tipical local food and live music.
Three more signaled (I believe) by their owners: Birreria Senso Unico a Cavenago d'Adda (Lodi), El Caribe (Roma, via Pavia), "cervezeria" in caraibic style; The Killtime Pub a Nuoro, in Via A. Mereu, with live music, by Gianriccardo.
We continue the list with the Murphy's Law Irish Pub in Milan; the Dubliners Irish Pub in Brindisi, reported by Stefano because of the beer and the welcoming atmosphere; and The Eight Horses in Belpasso (CT), reminded by Salvatore Piana for the food and the choice of draught beers.
A few places were about to be inserted in the main guide, but they were not, as I am not sure at the moment if their beer selection is wide and interesting enough: the Metheglin Pub in Bibbiano (RE) and the Hop Store in Prato, both focused on optimal beer tapping; and the simple and tiny Bar Katia (reported by Paolo) in Bologna (S. Donato), with interesting ever changing bottled beers.

Some more references: Filippo (who also informed us about other places, already inserted in the main guide) signaled the Bounty in Milano, near Loreto square. The Cittavecchia pub in Genova is interesting because it features the beers of the same-name microbrewery from Trieste.
A few pubs in particular have been quite recommended, and I almost could feature them in the main guide... but I did not, as I still have to check if they have a wide enough beer selection; anyway I put them in this page with their full address:
The William Pub (Via Magliabechi 7/9/11, Firenze 055 / 2638357), recommended by Luca because of good service, ambience, quality and value of food and beer; Veronique CAFE' (Viale Risorgimento 13 Piedimonte San Germano (FR) 0776402034), old traditional place since 1899 near Frosinone.
The same for three more pubs reported (with detailed reviews) in the it.hobby.birra newsgroup by Peppe Beerman (the first two) and demis:
Macbeth Pub Via Zeccagnuolo, 31 Pagani (SA) Tel 081 939023, Regia Abbazia Via Montegrappa, 13 Faiano (SA) Tel. 089 200246, Gregory's Inn Largo Lanciani 6 Roma (already reported)

The owners inform us about their Kulmbacher Bier-Haus in Verona: the place, the menu and the of course the beers (Kulmbacher of many kinds on draught) are of bavarian style.
Two interesting places in Friuli, reported by Giuliano Valenti, both possibly worth the insertion in the main Guide if and when I have more details: Birreria alla Stazione in Poggio Terza Armata (GO), affiliated to the Real Ale Society, and L'Ingordo, in Grado, where you can find Ayinger Celebrator and Hefeweizen on tap.

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