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2002 (June - August)

These are most of the beer tasted during the above period - that is, those beers I wrote a short comment about. Just a few beer, without rating and comment, are missing in this file. Of course you can find all the beers in the Database in all its formats. The comments are the ones I wrote at the time of the tasting; the rating is instead the updated one.
Sometimes I don't rate a beer at my first taste, and sometimes I just give a "+"; and for the moment I don't give the Lambics any score. See Notes in the main database page.

30/05/2002 HERCULE STOUT (ELLEZELLOISE); STOUT & PORTER; IMPERIAL; BEL; 9.0 alcvol%; voto:9.00;
One of the best, richest and most interesting beers I had this year. Aroma of coffe, chocolate, berries full body balanced by some bitterness. Good aftertaste, but not as long as other classic examples. So this belgian ale is really close to an Imperial Stout, with less bitterness but maybe more "finesse".

I was not impressed: not much hop, and this can do if they want to showcase the malt the malt character is there - with something that reminds me of scottish ales - but with some more body it would have been better. Anyway, drinkable.

12/06/2002 SHINGA BEER (BOON RAWD); LAGER,PALE (CHIARA); THAI; 6.0 alcvol%;
18/06/2002 AMBAR (LA ZARAGOZANA); LAGER,PALE (CHIARA); SPA; 5.2 alcvol%;
Two pale lagers, correctly made but forgettable.

Not too bad for a mainstream beer, but nothing exciting: some more hop character would have fitted well

Despite having drank it a few days after BBE date, it was still OK. The brewery is not a micro, but an "industrial" medium-small one. The beer has no adjuncts and so the body and malt character is sufficient, but not much more.

13/07/2002 PERBACCO (BALADIN); SPECIAL; GRAPE (UVA); ITA; 11.0 alcvol%; voto:+;
Last of Teo's experimentations: actually this beer is not yet officially produced and has not even an official name... but I wanted to feature it here as a "scoop"! It is a strong ale brewed from a wort made both of grains and wine grapes (I don't know the type of grapes, but we are in Langhe, land of excellent wines) The result is more balanced than previous batches, and you can foresee the potential for an exceptional product, unusual but still recognizable as beer.

24/07/2002 MONT BLANC BLONDE (MONT BLANC); ALE; BLONDE; FRA; 5.0 alcvol%;
A blonde ale, which in part (clody, a bit spicy) reminds a blanche, even if the brewery has also a real blanche in its offer.

Othe good ale, hoppy but balanced, reminds me a bit of an american pale.

06/08/2002 LANDLORD (TIMOTHY TAYLOR); ALE; BITTER/PALE; ENG; 4.3 alcvol%; voto:9.00;
I understand why this bitter has got so many GBBF awards: nice hop in the aroma and in the mouth, with a good bitterness level balanced by the right body: just perfect.

06/08/2002 MC GUIRE'S DDA (MC GUIRE'S); ALE; BITTER/PALE; USA; 4.6 alcvol%; voto:7.00;
06/08/2002 MC GUIRE'S PLAIN PORTER (MC GUIRE'S); STOUT & PORTER; PORTER; USA; 4.3 alcvol%; voto:7.25;
Two good beer form US bt of english character: the DDA (not sure of the name) is balanced as the landlord but with less intensity, the Porte is a good example of the style and has a hint of smoke.

06/08/2002 DOROTHY GOODBODY WHOLESOME (WYE VALLEY); STOUT & PORTER; DRY; ENG; 4.6 alcvol%; voto:8.25;
It is a Dry Stout, but though it is dry it is smooth and silky as a Oatmeal: quite satisfying.

06/08/2002 MOONDANCE (TRIPLE F); ALE; BITTER/PALE; ENG; 4.2 alcvol%; voto:8.75;
Great special bitter, wihich deserved its award: the beatiful hop in aroma and flavour does not hide a very good malt.

06/08/2002 UIZET (PAELEMAN); ALE; BEL; 6.8 alcvol%;
Interesting and (by now) for me a bit undecipherable ale of an ancient recipe. Pale, aromatic and slightly acidic but drier than other sweet-sour ales.

06/08/2002 XX BITTER (DE RANKE); ALE; BEL; 6.2 alcvol%; voto:7.75;
A beer which hits you: the hoppiest and most bitter of Belgium, with hops in the aroma but expecially in the flavour and in the level of bitterness and an almost erbaceous feel. A beer you have to try.

07/08/2002 BANANATAMA (3 HORNEN); SPECIAL; BANANA; NED; 6.0 alcvol%;

07/08/2002 KNEITINGER DUNKEL (KNEITING); LAGER, DARK (SCURA); MUNCH. DUNK; GER; 5.0 alcvol%; voto:8.50;
Classic and very good dunkel: coffeish, malty but medium-dry

07/08/2002 MOROCCO (DALESIDE); SPECIAL; SPICED (SPEZIE); ENG; 5.5 alcvol%; voto:+;
I admit I did not finish the glass, but it was the last of a long row and I am not overly fond of spiced beers. I feeled anyway that the spices (ginger) were well enough armonized with the liquorice of the dark malts. To be tasted again.

07/08/2002 WHITE WIFE (VALHALLA); ALE; BITTER/PALE; SCO; 3.7 alcvol%;
07/08/2002 LIA FAIL (INVERALMOND); ALE; SCOTTISH PALE; SCO; 4.7 alcvol%; voto:7.00;
Two scottish ales, godd but not exceptional, though the first one, more round and malty, was enjoyable.

07/08/2002 BATEMANS MILD (BATEMANS); ALE; MILD; ENG; 3.0 alcvol%; voto:8.25;
Excelent meduim-dry mild: chocolate and coffe inthe aroma, godd body, creamy, drinkable but rich, surprising for a beer of only 3% abv!

06/08/2002 HEWERS IPA (RCH); ALE; BITTER/PALE; ENG; 3.6 alcvol%; voto:7.50;
07/08/2002 EAST STREET CREAM (RCH); ALE; STRONG BITTER/PALE; ENG; 5.0 alcvol%; voto:7.75;
Both prized at GBBF, but in my opinion, though they are good ales they were not very best of the festival: Hewers has a good hop aroma but is maybe a little thin-bodied, the creamy ESC reminds of Fuller's ESB but with less fullness.

07/08/2002 AK (MC MULLEN); ALE; BITTER/PALE; ENG; 3.7 alcvol%;
Enjoyable bitter a bit... mild. Also this one drank at the end of the day without too much will of analyzing but anyway though it was good I did not find it to the same level of GBBF's best or the special bitter of the same brewery.

07/08/2002 SHAKESPEARE STOUT (ROGUE); STOUT & PORTER; DRY; USA; 6.0 alcvol%; 15.0P; voto:8.75;
A Stout of strong character, dry, rich and full-bodied, with Cascade hops in the nose... one of the best stouts I've ever had.

Interesting butstill with some work to do on it: in my opinion unbalanced, too sweet, almost like a bruin with no acidity... but has some potential.

06/08/2002 BROADFORK STOUT (PEOPLE'S PINT); STOUT & PORTER; DRY; IRL; 3.6 alcvol%; voto:8.00;
American beers of good level: the pale may remind of classic Sierra Nevada, while the Stout is more english, with a fullness of character way beyond the low strength.

07/08/2002 90 MINUTES IPA (DOGFISH HEAD); ALE; INDIA/AMERICAN PALE; USA; 9.0 alcvol%; voto:8.75;
A wall of hops, more in bitterness than inthe aroma also malt and caramel, a bit too scirupy for an IPA but you may regard it as a good barleywine

07/08/2002 JEFFREY HUDSON BITTER (OAKHAM); ALE; BITTER/PALE; ENG; 3.8 alcvol%; voto:7.75;
06/08/2002 OAKHAM SKITTERS (OAKHAM); ALE; BITTER/PALE; ENG; 5.0 alcvol%; voto:7.50;
Two well hopped bitters by the same prized brewery. JSB is pale with a light body, and reminds me of a lighter Summer Lightming: good, nice hops and quite drinkable. Of the other beer I can't remember much: it was the last of a long tasting day (I am not even sure of the name) but Iwas able to not the rating...

17/08/2002 UERIGE ALT (UERIGE); ALE/LAGER HYBRID; ALT; GER; 4.5 alcvol%; voto:8.75;
The first true Dusseldorf Alt I've had, and (as many say) maybe the most classic one. Aroma is clean and featuring more malt than hops (despite the heavy hopping) In the mouth is mainly quite bitter, at the same time you feel is also very malty, but this maltiness is more than balanced by the hop. A clean beer, very effective in showing its basic features of great character, but not complex. Anyway, a beer to try.

21/08/2002 BLANCHE DE NAMUR (DU BOCQ); WHEAT (GRANO); BLANCHE-WIT; BEL; 4.5 alcvol%; voto:7.00;
This blanche is not spiced, but has a good character featuring the grainy texture of wheat. Not my favourite, but a good and serious example.

15/07/2002 CASTA DORADA (ESPECIALIDADES CERVECERAS); ALE; BLONDE; MEX; 5.4 alcvol%; voto:7.25;
29/08/2002 CASTA MORENA (ESPECIALIDADES CERVECERAS); ALE; BROWN; MEX; 6.0 alcvol%; voto:8.00;
Four beers form Mexico, all top fermenting and of much more interest than the usual mexican "international" lagers. Casta Dorada is a blonde ale with a good personality - drinkable but with some body, a touch of sweet followed by a soft but neat hop bitterness: if bottle conditioned it could be a good belgian ale. Triguera is a wheat ale (not a blanche nor a weizen), low in spice and featuring well the wheat taste and texture (anyway my least favourite of the four). Bruna (actually of amber colour) is a nice english style pale ale, quite on style I would say, among the better I recently had in the bottle. Also the Casta Morena is in british style: something between a scottish and a brown ale, well made despite being brewed so far away from Britain it has some nice chocolate but is not too sweet.

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