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These are most of the beer I recently tasted - that is, those beers I wrote a short comment about. Just a few beer, without rating and comment, are missing in this file. Of course you can find all the beers in the Database in all its formats. The comments are the ones I wrote at the time of the tasting; the rating is instead the updated one.
Sometimes I don't rate a beer at my first taste, and sometimes I just give a "+"; and for the moment I don't give the Lambics any score. See Notes in the main database page.

02/10/2003 GORDON'S FINEST RED (JOHN MARTIN); ALE; STRONG SCOTCH; SCO; 8.4 alcvol%; voto:7.25;
Sweetish, and bit unbalanced alcoholic flavour; it has though a good caramel scottish hint that sets it above other extra strong (and "artificial") new beers

07/10/2003 BLITHERING IDIOT (WEYERBACHER); ALE; BARLEY WINE; USA; 11.1 alcvol%; voto:8.75;
An interesting and atypical barleywine, that in its complexity recalls even a strong trappist ale. More on the sweet side with chocolates tones, with the bitter getting out more as you drink it. It lacks a bit the malt and hops "bite" of other barleywines, still a very good and interesting beer

10/10/2003 SLOEBER (ROMAN); ALE; BELGIAN PALE; BEL; 7.5 alcvol%; voto:8.00;
Enjoyable and not ordinary belgian ale with just a hint of sourness

11/10/2003 GOLIATH (WYCHWOOD); ALE; BITTER/PALE; ENG; 4.5 alcvol%; voto:7.25;
Good balanced but a bit bland bitter ale

12/10/2003 LONDON PORTER (FULLER'S); STOUT & PORTER; PORTER; ENG; 4.5 alcvol%; voto:9.00;
(cask) Almost black, coffee aroma. Full and creamy in the mount, with a big "creme caramel" with coffe and chocolate undertones. Very long finish. Best porter I ever tasted. It would be perfect with a touch more of hops, nevertheless it is excellent.

14/10/2003 OYSTER STOUT (PORTERHOUSE); STOUT & PORTER; DRY; IRL; 4.8 alcvol%; voto:8.00;
Another very good stout, very tasteful and enjoyable, balanced in its toasted and bitter features, less deep and strong flavours than XXXX

14/10/2003 PORTERHOUSE RED (PORTERHOUSE); ALE; IRISH RED; IRL; 4.4 alcvol%; voto:7.00;
Good but less interesting than other Portehouse's beers: a bit too watery, though with a noticeable good hop.

14/10/2003 WRASSLER'S XXXX (PORTERHOUSE); STOUT & PORTER; DRY; IRL; 5.0 alcvol%; voto:8.75;
Excellent stout, deep flavours without being harsh; smooth, very roasty and with a strong hop bitterness. Very Good!

20/10/2003 PRIDE OF ROMSEY (HAMPSHIRE); ALE; BITTER/PALE; ENG; 5.0 alcvol%; voto:8.00;
A hop festival! (english and US varieties), with a fresh aroma and a deep bitterness. Body is maybe a bit too watery.

23/10/2003 RILEY'S STOUT (PAPER CITY); STOUT & PORTER; DRY; USA; 5.0 alcvol%;
Maybe an unlucky bottle? Almost flat, absolutely no head and very little body. A pity because the roasted character could have been good. To try again.

25/10/2003 BALTIKA PORTER (BALTIKA); STOUT & PORTER; IMPERIAL; POL; 7.0 alcvol%; voto:8.50;
A very good Porter, black, smooth and full bodied; both in flavour and aroma the chocolate tones (bittersweet, a bit more sweet) are prevailing over the coeffe. It remimded me of some dark abbey beers or strong scotch for its smooth-chocolate character. Long finish despite the low hoppiness. It would be perfect with a hoppier finish.

06/11/2003 1850 LONDON PORTER (PITFIELD); STOUT & PORTER; PORTER; ENG; 5.0 alcvol%; voto:8.50;
Another very good porter, with some deepness of flanývour and coffee aroma.

09/11/2003 ROCHEFORT 6 (TRAPPIST ABB. ROCHEFORT); ALE; BELGIAN STRONG; BEL; 7.5 alcvol%; 15.0P; voto:8.50;
It retains the bigger sisters' features with less strength and deepness and more drinkability. Very good, though lacking the deepness and long finish of the best classic trappist ales.

A strong bitter, quite not bad, generous in its hoppy aroma and sincere bitterness.

16/11/2003 RE MAGI (BEBA); STRONG LAGER, PALE (CHIARA); ITA; 8.0 alcvol%; 18.0P; voto:7.50;
Another "holiday" beer by Beba. Light coloured, rounded, enjoyable, maybe less interesting than the dark sister, but surely well done.

16/11/2003 BIRRA DI NATALE (BEBA); LAGER, AMBER (ROSSA); ITA; 8.0 alcvol%; 18.0P; voto:8.25;
Sweet, caramel, well rounded, a bottom fermented xmas beer, quite on spot.

16/11/2003 OLD RASPUTIN (NORTH COAST); STOUT & PORTER; IMPERIAL; USA; 8.9 alcvol%; voto:9.00;
A very interesting and satisfactory Imperial Stout, with coffe aroma and a strong and deep roasted flavour, almost piquant (a bit like Bell's Expedition), sustained bitterness and good long finish.

Quite original dark lager, with a strong caramel balanced by the right bitterness; both interesting and drinkable.

Not bad but somehow lacking in personality: to try again with more concentration.

16/11/2003 1792 IMPERIAL STOUT (PITFIELD); STOUT & PORTER; IMPERIAL; ENG; 9.3 alcvol%; voto:8.50;
Robust, full bodied, round; in the mouth the liquorice tones prevail sligthly on the roasted notes (which are nonetheless evident). Finish is fairly long. A good example of its style.

30/11/2003 WAGGLE DANCE (YOUNG'S); SPECIAL; HONEY (MIELE); ENG; 5.0 alcvol%; voto:7.25;
Nice colour, between gold and orange. Pleasant beer, you barely feel the honey in the taste but it brings some nice fruitiness.

14/12/2003 GOLDEN MONKEY (VICTORY); ALE; TRIPLE; USA; 9.5 alcvol%; voto:9.00;
Very interesting: a sort of triple with spicy aroma, but in the mouth it is noteworthy for its full body and deep maltiness, like a barleywine, but not cloying.

17/12/2003 OLD STOCK ALE (NORTH COAST); ALE; BARLEY WINE; USA; 11.4 alcvol%; voto:9.00;
It is not really a barley wine, it is so somptuous in the mouth to remind me of a Hardy's Ale or (in a way) even a Samichalus. Dried and scirupy fruit, honey, but also a (moderatly) bitter long finish to balance everything.

18/12/2003 SNOECK BRUIN (DE SNOECK - STRUBBE); ALE; BRUIN; BEL; 5.5 alcvol%; voto:7.75;
A soft sweet and sligthly sour Bruin, to try again

01/01/2004 ST. MONON AMBREE' (ST. MONON); ALE; BELGIAN STRONG; BEL; 6.5 alcvol%; voto:7.50;
Not outstanding but not even ordinary; balanced between a light spicy and average body.

05/01/2004 ST. ERLIN (AUCHAN); ALE; BLONDE; BEL; 6.3 alcvol%; voto:7.00;
A belgian blonde of anonymous brewing (that is, brewed for Auchan but you don't know by whom) but not inferior to the usual Leffe, Affiligem or even Trappe Blondes.

09/01/2004 WATOU BLANCHE (VAN EECKE); WHEAT (GRANO); BLANCHE-WIT; BEL; 5.0 alcvol%; voto:7.75;
Spicy and just sligthly citric, a pleasant, drinkable, and not just ordinary blanche, but not particularly outstanding in deepness and complexity.

21/01/2004 HORN DOG (FLYING DOG); ALE; BARLEY WINE; USA; 10.5 alcvol%; voto:8.50;
Another US barley wine that is not in the classic US barleywine style - as it often happens to find lately. In this one the dark tones of caramel and liquorice are even stronger than usual, and blend well with the sweetness; at the end though this combination is a bit tiring. Maybe a bit more hoppiness in the finish could have helped? Very interesting and worth trying anyway.

05/02/2004 ST. MONON BRUNE (ST. MONON); ALE; BELGIAN STRONG; BEL; 7.5 alcvol%; voto:8.25;
Quite more interesting of the "sister" Ambree', it is a good Dubbel: aroma is coeffish and fruity (but restrained) with chocolate and coffe in the mouth - albeit not strong; sweetness is balanced by a bit of bitterness and a touch of sour. Pleasant.

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