THANKS again for their infos to the people already mentioned in the reviews (Paolo De Martin, Ton Notermans and Roberto Merico sent many informations)
Besides thanks also to: Ferdinando Carrara, Nazzareno "Naz" Todini, Nicola Granello, Giorgio Sorbara, Ernesto 'The Animal' Grande and Lubiford (Vincenzo Tucciarone); and also to Daniele, Alessio, Filippo, Michele, Gianluca Lombardi, Ighon, Claudio, Monica, Giuliano, Peppe Barone "Beerman", Rocco Menna, Luca Frusi "Otis", Nicola Pera. Many of them sent their reviews to the usenet newsgroup it.hobby.birra. For the infos I could find in their sites, besides Lubiford and Gianluca Lombardi also Roybeer, Rich Stueven and Marco of Mondobirra (see my links page); and of course Unionbirrai.

Thanks also to the persons who sent informations but preferred not to have their name here and to all the people I am surely forgetting about!

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