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Selected by regione : Campania


aderente Unionbirrai Maltovivo
Via fontana di fuori, 7 - Capriglia Irpina - Avellino - 83010 Tel: /Fax 0825.70.24.81
email: web:

Via Riccardo Ciancio, 60 - 84083 Castel San Giorgio (SA) Tel: 081 5162434
email: web:

Birra di Capri
Piazza Caprile, 1 - 80071 Anacapri (NA) Tel: 3476932738
email: web:

Via Manzoni 119 - 84018 Scafati (SA) Tel: 333 4159005
email: web:

Gold Blond
Centro Commerciale Campania - Loc. Aurno - 81025 Marcianise (CE) Tel: 0823.773006
email: web:

Il Chiostro
Via L. Ariosto 25 - Nocera Inferiore (SA) Tel: 081/5172564

Acqua del Lauro - Palinuro (SA) - 84064 Tel: /Fax 0974/938217
email: web:

Karma Umberto I, 291 - 81012 Alvignano (CE) Tel: 328.8280951
email: web:

La Birra di Capri
- Tel: /Fax
email: web:

Via Palma 181 - 80040 Striano (NA) Tel: 081 8276637
email: web:
Brewing ales in keg and bottles including the blonde, hopped Oro di Napoli, the amber Vesuvio and the spiced blanche Clelia. Info and review by Roberto Merico.

Medatus' Beer
Via Taborni 26 - 82038 Vitulano (BN) Tel: 08241775754 - 3319889105
email: web:

Via S. Antonio, 24 - 84032 Buonabitacolo (SA) Tel: 0975 91118

St John's
LocalitÓ Selva, 82030 Faicchio (BN) Tel:
email: web:
This micro was born from pioneer microbrewery St Josef's of Sorrento who stopped brewing at that place and moved here its skills and equipment. The old place in Sorrento, where the ownership ha a hotel and a good restaurant, is still headquarter and tap of Faicchio brewery. reported by Roberto Merico

Tennent's Tavern
Via Filettine,211 84016 Pagani (SA) Tel: 0815155240
email: web:
Brewpub opened in 2002. Four beer brewed at its start (Pilsner, Weisse, Dunkel and Doppelbock). Food: both sandwiches and full restaurant menu. See infos on thei site, and also this review by Peppe Beerman written in newsgroup it.hobby.birra Thanks also to Roberto Merico for the first report

Via Benevento, 76 - 82016 Montesarchio (BN) Tel: 0824894320
email: web:


Via Caravaglios 21 - 80100 Napoli (Fuorigrotta) Tel: 0812399212
email: web:
Everything about beer for this important beer reference in Napoli. The pub is in fact sided by a beershop selling many beers and also homebrewing stuff. The pub itself features about 100 beers; food is crostoni, pitas, sandwiches etc

Birreria Doppio Malto
Via Nazionale Appia - 83050 San Potito Ultra AV Tel: 0825981224
email: web:
500 beers available at rotation served with skill by the owner Tonino. Warm and pleasant place, a refuge for the true beer lovers. The report comes from Emiliano and Luca che ringrazio.

Via Salita Palazzo, 13 - Atripalda (AV) Tel:
email: web:
The pub, owned by beer enthusiast Yuri, features a selection of over 60 bottled belgian beers; 5 beers on tap; quite good food. Meeting point of local beerlovers, with tastings and beer events.


Napoli Tel:
see Pub section.

Birra e Dintorni
Via Manfredi, 23 - 83042 Atripalda (AV) Tel: 0825628061
email: web:
About 150 beers available (mainly from belgium and ireland), and also breweriana. Reported by Roberto Merico

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