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Selected by regione : Emilia-Romagna


aderente Unionbirrai Beltaine
Via G. Marconi, 4 - Granaglione (BO) Tel: 051/226790
Microbrewery founded by a group of chestnut growers in the hills near Bologna, with the help of Bologna University, brewers and brewing consultants. The aim is to produce chestnut based beers of different kinds. There is not a brewery pub and all beer is bottled. The forst one is called "Beltaine, has 30-35% chestnut and is brewed in 3 different variations: juniper flavoured, "special" and white.

aderente Unionbirrai Bibo
via Andrea Costa, 158 - Bologna - 42020 Tel: 051.437860 Fax 051.434484
email: web:

aderente Unionbirrai Birrificio del Ducato
Via G. Strepponi 50/A - Roncole Verdi di Busseto (PR) Tel: /Fax

aderente Unionbirrai Panil - Torrechiara
Strada Pilastro 35 - Torrechiara (PR) Tel: 0521355113
email: web:
Microbrewery in the Torrechiara village, known for its beautiful medieval Castle. They also produce and bottle wine, and since summer 2001 they have started with beer: at first the Panil (light amber at 6.5% abv.), followed by Blanche, Brune and the very sepcial oak-aged barriquee, all available in bottles. Thanks for the first report to Marco Bellini.

Amarcord - Spring
Via Tabellione, 15 - 47891 Falciano (Rep. San Marino) Tel: 0549 976979
Actually located in San Marino. Spring acquired the rights for the brewery and beer names and recipes of old Amarcord microbrewery of Rimini: the pale lagers El Figoun (5.2%) and La Mi Dona (6.5%) and the amber lagers Putena (7.5%) and Tabachera (10%). They are at the "border" of micro category, both for their dimensions and because beers are filtered (but not pateurized. The Figoun is locally available also in unfileterd version.

Corte Mancina
Via Papa Gregorio VII 1 - Quattro Castella (RE) - 42020 Tel: /Fax 0522/887039

HOPS! Riccione
Via Parini, 3 - 47838 Riccione (RN) Tel: 0541/607920
email: web:
First HOPS! pub, opened 26/06/1997. It is the original brewpub of a chain that has opened a few other places in franchising. It is a brewpub of american inspiration as for ambient and food offer. The first review here was by Deckard and Glauco Bianchi, which at the time reported it already was a quite busy brewpub with up to 10 beers in their offer, but not more than 3 or 4 at the same time They also have their own web site

Via Rimesse - Bologna Tel:
Atthe opening (summer 99) it was producing just one type of beer. As our reviewer informs us, theyuse dry extract and quality at the moment was unexceptional.

White Dog Brewery
Via Monzone 416- Guiglia (MO) - 41052 Tel: 059 792 074 Fax:059 709556
email: web:


Birreria Amadeus
Via Dagnini, 1 (ang. Via Murri) - 40137 Bologna Tel: 051 6234011
Standard (i.e. not Irish, English etc) pub, with a lot of beers, more than 100 of which 7 on draught, including Ceasurus at 12% ABV and Gordon Blond. Often crowded, loud music. (thanks to Michele for the tip and the infos)

Galleria Giulio Cesare
Piazza 3 Martiri, 16 - Rimini Tel:
Another place not to be missed by belgiab beer lovers, with about 100 bottles and La Chouffe on draught. Besided the beers, served with skill by Sergio, you can also taste many whiskies. Infos by Gabriella (Progetto Birra).

strada naz. Giardini - Pavullo nel Frignano (MO) Tel:
Info and review by Gianandrea "Ciuffo" Bruni:"A pub devoted to Belgium owned by true beer lovers, where by thei choiche "mainstream beers are not served". Quite good sandwiches and snacks, but the real plus are the 12/14 beers on tap (the number can vary) and the quite remarkable selection of rare bottled belgian ales. It is a must to come here just after the owners had a trip to Belgium..."

Via Mascarella - Bologna Tel:
Downtown pub. Clean and simple setting. The tap selection changes seasonally and you can find something interesting. The bottle selection is wide and well assorted. Classic pub food. Before my personal visit, the place was reported to me by Daniele.

Sebastian Pub
Via Darsena - Ferrara Tel: 0532/76.82.33
This pub has been made on a big german cargo ship, dismunted in Marghera near Venice and then fully built up again in Ferrara river. Owners are the same as Michelangelo da Vinci of Rovigo (see), and has a similar beer range and service. Thanks to Francesco Cellamaro for the report and review.


La Tana del Luppolo
Via G. Petroni 15/A - 40126 Bologna Tel: 051 238207
email: web:
Owned by Gianfranco Donati, who because of his passion for beer has changed his small milk-shop in one of best beer shops of Italy! More than 350 beers, much Belgium but also other countries, for example a selection of 25 different bavarina Weizen; also some nice glassware Reported in it.hobby.birra (in particular by beer "guru" Kuaska) e by Lorenzo by email.

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