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Selected by regione : Friuli - Venezia Giulia


aderente Unionbirrai Cittavecchia
Viale Stazione di Prosecco 5/c - 34010 Sgonico (Trieste) Tel: 040 251060
email: web:
It is really a microbrewery, it has not its own pub but supplies beer to pubs and restaurants around Trieste. The brewmaster, Michele, is an expert and enthusiast homebrewer who made the big step and turned professional. He has started with two beers, a pale lager and an amber lager in the Vienna style, stronger but more attenuated, drinkable but quite tasty. I could sample (and enjoy!) the beers at the very start of the production, directly from the maturation tanks. Later also a strong ale called Formidable, and then more beers, have been introduced. For news and informations about the beer range and availiability, check their site

Alla Ghiacciaia
Via Beligna, 1014 - 33051 Aquileia (UD) Tel: 0432 507312
email: web:
Brewing a lager and a pilsner. A brewery (or pub) with the same name exist in Udine: some confusion? Source: Beverfood

BEFeD Pub n.1
Viale Costa 6/B - 33081 Aviano (PD) Tel: 0434 661025
email: web:
Altough I have never visited this brwpub, I could taste their lagers (a Hell and a Bock, clean and good) at Birrissima 2000 and 2001 beer conferences. The special dish of all the BEFeD pubs is the young roasted chicken (no other hot food is served, nor desserts)

BEFeD Pub n.2
Via S.Lorenzo 63 - 33050 Fiumicello (UD) Tel: 0431 917402
email: web:
Same owner and features as the pub in Aviano.

BEFeD Pub n.3
Via Lungomare 2 - Lignano Pineta (UD) Tel: 0431 423719
email: web:
Same owner and features as the pub in Aviano.

BEFeD Pub n.5
Viale Miramare 285 - Trieste Barcola Tel: 040 44104
email: web:
Same owner and features as the pub in Aviano.

BEFeD Pub n.6
Via Udine, 38 - Cassacco (UD) Tel: 0432 854851
email: web:
Same owner and features as the pub in Aviano.

Birra di Meni
Via Sirivella 4 - 33090 Cavasso Nuovo (PN) Tel: 0427 77028

Birrificio Triestino
Riva Grumula 2/c - Trieste - 34100 Tel:
email: web:

Birrificio Udinese
Piazzale Osoppo Via Caccia 5 - 33100 Udine Tel: 0432 510988
email: web:
Biggest brewpub in Italy, as equipment size - and probably also as size of the place. Brewer is Martin Vrba from Czech Republic. All his beers (named Bire) are made by decoction (triple decoction for the pils). Besides the Pils (4.6%) they have a eizen, two amber ales and a "Nera" (black) inspired by the U Fleku beer. Full restaurant, jazz on Tuesdays

Strada Delle Saline, 30 - 34015 Muggia (TS) Tel: 040 232306

Mastro Birraio
Via Nazionale, 97 - 33048 S. Giovanni al Natisone (UD) Tel: 0432-756521
Brewpub with pizzeria; Paolo reported that they were using equipment and supplies from Hungary and english yeasts and the results were by then still unexceptional. Despite a reported unconfirmed closure, I confirm that presently (2004) they are still open and brewing.

Via Lignano Nord, 151 - Gorgo di Latisana (UD) - 33053 Tel: 3288213040
email: web:

Sauris Agri Beer
Fraz Sauris di Sopra 50 - 33020 Sauris (UD) Tel: 0433866314
email: web:
Microbrewery opened in 2000 in this remote and beautiful resort of Carnia. Thanks to Stefano Cossi for the information. I could taste their lagers: a good Pils (though maybe not hopped enough), an excellent Vienna and a remarkable... "special". A smoked beer has been added

Via Lorenzetti 9 - Trieste Tel: 040639547
email: web:

The Coopers Yard (birra Praforte)
Via d. Stazione 65/b - 33090 Travesio (fraz Usago)(PN) Tel: 042790091
Big brewpub, known before as a Pub (also under the name Pink Panther), since October 2000 started its own production of beers under the "Praforte" trademark. During my visit I could appreciate two lagers (a hell and an amber) of really good quality. The equipment is modern and computer controlled. The place is big, with quite original (!) furnishing and a big barbecue for the local food specialty (roasted little chickens)

Val Rosandra
Loc. Bagnoli della Rosandra 244 - Trieste Tel: /Fax 040/8325063
email: web:

Via Montagna 69 - Sarone di Caneva (PN) Tel:

Yo Quiero Mass
Via Udine, 31 - 33010 Resiutta (UD) Tel: 0433 51207
Also known as "Al Buon Arrivo". Source: Beverfood, confirmed in it.hobby.birra


La Giostra
LocalitÓ Slivia -Trieste Tel:
Bottled english, german and exspecially belgian beers and some fantastic artisanal beers! Davo, the owner, always suggest you for the best, and service is very good. Informations and comments by Paolo Le Rose, president of Ass. Birrofila Triestina

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