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Selected by regione : Lazio


aderente Unionbirrai Atlas Coelestis
Via Malcesine 41 - 00135 Roma Tel:
New brewpub in Rome, reported by Danilo. At the time of the report is too early to judge their beers. 10 hl equipment

aderente Unionbirrai Birra del Borgo
Via Colle Rosso - 02021 Borgorose (Ri) Tel: /Fax 0746 31284
email: web:

aderente Unionbirrai Birrificio Ostiense Artigianale
P.zza dei Ravennati, 1 - Ostia Lido (Roma) - 00121 Tel: 065640138
email: web:

aderente Unionbirrai Turbacci
Centro Sportivo Mezzaluna - Mentana (Roma) Tel: 06 9094701
Brewpub non lontano da Roma, produce una Lager (ad alta, a dispetto del nome, come le altre birre), una Black, una Weizen e una piu' forte Super, piu' stagionali. Da fine 2003 e' anche ristorante oltre che Pizzeria. Per saperne di piu' sulle birre guardate questo dettagliato report con i giudizi di Kuaska e diverse foto.

Mister Malto
Via Casilina Sud, 280 - 03013 Ferentino (FR) Tel: 0775 271244
email: web:

Revelation Cat
Via Laurentina 2090 - 00134 Roma (RM) Tel:
email: web:

Stazione Birra
Via Placanica, 172 (Fraz. Morena Sud) - Roma Tel: 06 79845959
email: web:
Many reports of this brewery, but opinion are both negative and positive. Consider that it's a Disco-Pub, with the related cons (loud music) and pros (if you are interested in music, there are sometimes well known artists and bands on stage). The beer produced at rotation are: Amber, 6,0% vol. - Doppel Bock, 6,0% vol. - Dunkel, 5,5% vol. - Hell, 5,2% vol. - Stout, 5,0% vol. - Weizen, 5,4% vol.

Top Malto
Via Aldo Moro, 28 - 04020 Spigno Saturnia (LT) Tel: 0771 64364
email: web:
Source:Beverfood - it.hobby.birra - web


Derry's - Il tempio della birra
Via Ostra Vetere - Giardini di Corcolle - Lunghezza (ROMA) Tel: 06.2203531
email: web:
Near Rome. You can choose among 200 beers from an informative list; the place is quite beatiful, full of breweriana (signs, mugs, mirrors etc), and is on three floors. Owner is Mauro Leardini helped by his father, nice and friendly guy. The place will soon work as a beer shop, with homebrewing and collecting items. Info and review by Roberto Merico; already reported by Leonardo Di Vincenzo.. thanks to both of you!

Oasi della Birra - Palombi
Piazza Testaccio 38/41 - Roma Tel: 06/5746122.
see Pub section.

Kenny's Pub
Via Passaglia No.1 - Roma Tel: 06397 21153
Mike Murphy's Starbess microbrewery that was supplying this pub has been closed. It seems that some microbrewed beers (by another micro) are sometimes served, but confusingly with the same name and brand as before...


Oasi della Birra - Palombi
Roma Tel:
... It is also a traditional enoteca" (wine bar & shop) that in the evening becomes a pub, featuring probably the widest available beer selection in the country (about 500, of which many on draught in the evening). Opening time is 8-13,30 and 17-19,30 for the shop, 19,30-1 for the pub where it is also possible to eat interesting selections of hams and cheeses, soups and food which is well matched with the beers." (thanks to Marco Bolasco for the review)

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