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Selected by regione : Liguria


aderente Unionbirrai Fabbrica Birra Busalla
Loc. Birra, 3 - Savignone (GE) Tel: 010 9640161
email: web:
The pub is only 150 from the highway exit, turning left towards Casella. The address is quite peculiar: Localita' Birra n.3 (Beer Place n.3)! In this place there was an old brewery that was operating with success in the first half of the last century: the old, unused buildings have been restored and become a nice pub and a hotel. I tasted a lager by this brewpub at a fair, before their official opening, and found it promising but not yet good. Now I could find out in subsequent visits that the beers are constantly improving. Muller lager(5.6%) has a nice, long finish, and the stronger Ambra and Rossa (7%) have a good body and balance; seasonal beers are always available, including the very good Castgnasca made with locally supplied chestnuts. Very good bruschette and dishes with cheeses and cold meats can be tasted. Thanks also to Alessio for the first review of this brewpub.

aderente Unionbirrai Lion
Lungomare De Scalzo, 50 - 16039 Sestri Levante GE Tel: 018 541004
email: web:
Brewing lagers (light, amber, dark) and a weizen. Reported by Mario Brughetti.

aderente Unionbirrai Piccolo Birrificio
via IV novembre 20 - Apricale (IM) - 18035 Tel: 0184/209022 Fax 0184/209807
email: web:

aderente Unionbirrai Scarampola
Via Sanguinetti Apollo, 16 - 17014 Cairo Montenotte (SV) Tel: 019 500196
Brewpub, brewing also kegs for other places. Started with two ales, an IPA (Italian Pale Ale) and a chestnut flavoured amber ale called AME'

Birra Leo
Via Alessandria, 37/39 - 16033 Lavagna (GE) Tel: 347 4459828
email: web:

Birrificio Genovese
Piazza Lavagna, 12/R - 16123 Genova (GE) Tel: 010 2759457
email: web:

Birrificio del Golfo
Via Val di Locchi, 2 - La Spezia - 19100 Tel: 340/3455693
email: web:

Via Agnese 13 - 18013 Diano Marina (IM) Tel: 0183 494655
email: web:

Fabbrica Birra Fiore
Corso Ferrari 7, Albisola Superiore (SV) - 17011 Tel: /Fax 019 485948
email: web:

Maltus Faber
Via Fegino 3 - 16161 Genova (GE) Tel: 3401230069
email: web:


Castello Due
Via Oberdan 75 - Genova Tel: 0103728081
Pub in nervi, well-known for the regional cuisine (cundiggiun, trofiette al pesto, ravioli... ) and the more innovative dishes (including an Orval flavoured dessert). The beer range is purposedly a bit limited at 30 bottles, but interesting(Bloemen, Orval, Chimay, Orkney's). Infos by Kuaska.

Das Gambrinus Haus
Via Entella, 50 - 16043 Chiavari (GE) Tel: 0185 302846
Fabrizio inform us about this place, interesting not because the number of beers but for their selection: Andechs on tap, trappist ales and bottles from Baladin microbrewery.

Irish Pub
Via Bolzano, 23 - 16166 Genova Tel: 010 332284
Very good selection, more than 150 bottled beers, mainly belgian (including rarities) but not only. Also the tap selection is outstanding.Besides good sandwiches and salads, now the food has also some good main courses.

Pub Del Duca
Passeggiata Anita Garibaldi 3 - Genova Tel: 010321564
In Capolungo (Nervi). On tap interesting italian beers (Forst VIP e Heller Bock) and a few good foreign ones. More than 50 international bottles of good standard. Very good full restaurant ("trenette al pesto antique style"). Nice place with navy-style look and a terrace with a great sea view. Recommandation by Kuaska!

Via Dante, 49 - Laigueglia (SV) Tel: 0182 690236
Probably the best place in the Riviera dei Fiori for the beer selection (mainly belgian). Sadly the enthusiast flemish owner, Dirk, has died recently.


Enoteca Squillari
Via Cantore, 266r - 16149 Genova Tel: 010.6451070
email: web:
Wine shop with 60 or 70 different beers available. No rarities, but good enough selection of the best-known beers

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