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Selected by regione : Lombardia


aderente Unionbirrai BABB Birrificio Artigianale Bassa Bresciana
Via S. Martino del Carso, 6 - 25025 Manerbio (BS) Tel: 030 9938185
email: web:
Techno-industrial style ambient, good food with menu based on local products, besides wurst and pizzas. 10 hl. equipement. They started with four ales: Alba, a well done Blanche; Omnia, well hopped blond ale; Peschina, peach favoured; Rubinia, full bodied but drinkable copper strong ale at 7% abv. Planned a Weizen, a Lager-pils and an Imperial stout. The level is quite good, considering they have just started. (demus on it.hobby.birra, summarized)

aderente Unionbirrai BI-DU
Via Confine 26 - 22070 Rodero (CO) Tel: 031808870
email: web:
Located less than 5' meters from the border with switzerland, in the woods on top of Lanza Valley. Three styles brewed at the beginning: Kolsch, Strong Ale and Porter. It is also a restarant. They started very well (maybe thanks also to the help of Agostino of Birrificio Italiano): I could taste rhe Confine Porter and was really good.

aderente Unionbirrai Birra Stelvio
Via Roma 27- Bormio (SO) Tel: 0342 904785
email: web:

aderente Unionbirrai Birrificio Italiano
Via Castello, 51 - 22070 Lurago Marinone (CO) Tel: 031/895450
email: web:
Brewpub, one of the very first to start in Italy. They produce bottom-fermented beers: the best known are maybe Tipopils, a very good Pils (probably italian best); the bottle aged lager Amber Shock (quite rich and good and very interesting). But the beer range is wider and ever increasing, so it is better to check their informative and interesting website. Note that it is one of the few brewpub where the food is not just sandwiches and cold snacks, but much more interesting (the place is featured in the "Guida Osterie" by Slowfood).

aderente Unionbirrai Birrificio Lodigiano
Via Adda, 6 - 26841 Casalpusterlengo (LO) Tel: 0377 919047
email: web:
Brewing starting mid 2004

aderente Unionbirrai Birrificio di Como
Via Paoli, 3 - 22100 Como Tel: 031523800
email: web:
Brewpub of huge dimensions. Brewmaster is Andrea Bravi, ex Birrificio Italiano: his beers have started a debate in it.hobby.birra, anyway an interesting new entry.

aderente Unionbirrai Doppio Malto Brewing Company
Via Milano 9 - Erba (CO) - 22036 Tel: 031/3334187 Fax 031/3335762
email: web:

aderente Unionbirrai Lambrate
via Adelchi, 5 angolo via Porpora - 10100 Milano Tel: 02/70638678
email: web:
Brewpub. It was the first microbrewery I could visit and I must say I've been satisfied then and always: it is one of the best three micro with Baladin and Birrificio in my opinion. The blond "Montestella (5% abv) is similar to a Kolsch and is daringly hopped for being the basic beer on sale. The amber Lambrate (7%) is very good, also La Rossa (7%) and the strong S.Ambroeus (8%) are no bad at all; but the most characterful ale is the dark smoked Ghisa (6%): very good for me, but not for every drinker. Nice place; you can eat, besides the sandwiches, good assortments of selected cheeses and delicatessen

aderente Unionbirrai Officina della Birra - Osteria Dolfini
Via Cademario 19 - 69034 Bioggio (CH) Tel: 0041 091 6002333
Mind, this brewery is actually in Switzerland! It is included not only because its proximity to Italy, but also because they are quite active in taking part into beer events, fair and conferences held in Italy.

aderente Unionbirrai Orso Verde
Viale Rimembranze 24 - Busto Arsizio (VA) Tel:
Microbrewery, selling bottles and kegs of (initially) 3 beers: Hell, Weizen and Blanche (then an amber "Amaranta" has been added). Opened 20/6/2004. Source: Andrea on it.hobby.birra

Via Camillo Ugoni, 18 - Milano Tel: 02/87380668
email: web:

Via Spluga, 66 - Prata Camportaccio (SO) - 23020 Tel: 0343 20458

Via Piero della Francesca, 38 - Milano - 20154 Tel:
email: web:

Birreria Blues
Via XXV Aprile 10 - 24050 Cividate al Piano (BG) Tel: 0363 97310
email: web:
The brewery makes a pils, a ale, a doppelbock and a scotch ale, bottled and on draught. Started brewing in 1999. The placed is located in an antique restored building and hold up to 500 people. Infos by Mondobirra

Birreria Novecento
via Roma angolo via Modromeno - 23020 Casatenovo (LC) Tel: 039 9202043
email: web:
A few different beers named after famous painters, including a weizen and a few lagers (light, amber and strong): according to a review on it.hobby.birra, the first was quite good and the others less remarkable. (Source:it.hobby.birra e Beverfood)

Birrificio Rurale
Az.Agricola Fattoria Oasi - Loc.Cascine Calderari - 27012 Certosa di Pavia (PV) Tel: 3406429437
email: web:

Brasseria Spluga
Via Roma, 93/A ( via degli emigranti, 12) - 23020 Gordona (SO) Tel: 0343 41397
email: web:
Microbrewery and Brewpub, brewing 7 different beers, from bock to Honey, Dark and Vienna and a few seasonals Source: Beverfood - Mondobirra

Localita' Cascinazza - 20090 Buccinasco (MI) Tel: 02 45708526
email: web:

Clock Tower Irish - Birra Elav
Viale del Partigiano 33 - Treviglio (BG) - 24047 Tel: /Fax 0363309511
email: web:

Corte Pilone
Via Pilone 37 - Sarginesco di Castellucchio (MN) - 46010 Tel:
email: web:

Cą de Gos
Localitą Acquebone - 25040 Artogne (BS) Tel: 0364/591422
email: web:
At the restaurant you can eat cold meats, cheeses, a choice of classic Bavarian Wurstels, , pizza, pasta and other dishes. They produce three different ales (blond, strong blond and amber) (source: I.H.B. and web)

Via Pontiglia 37 - 23030 Livigno SO Tel: 0342 996332
"Echo, the highest beer in Europe" is the slogan. They brew a weizen and a few different lagers. Food is mainly cold meats and cheeses, including a very good bitto according the reviewer. (source: it.hobby.birra)

Fabbrica di Birra Palazzolo
Via A. Kupfer - Palazzolo sull' Oglio(BS) Tel:
Opened since november 2001 and located in a building called Palabrauhaus. Reported by Mario Bughetti (thanks)

Strada Garoldina,2/A - Mantova (MN) - 46100 Tel: 0376 302316

Via Palladio 6, - 20010 Cornaredo (MI) Tel: 0293215276
email: web:

HOPS! Desenzano
Via Dei Colli Storici, 1 - 25015 Desenzano del Garda (BS) Tel: 030/991035
Second HOPS! brewery, opened 25/09/1998. Of the same chain that opened a few places by franchising. See HOPS! Riccione

Via Strada Costiera 4 - Cornate d'Adda (MI) Tel:
email: web:

Il Giardino della birra
Via Ortica 8-10 Milano (Zona Ortica) Tel: 0270004030
Opened in July 2002. Beer are improving. Bavarian style food

Iron Twins Brew Bar
Via Legnano 31 - Bergamo Tel: 035 341723
Thanks to Roberto Sonzogni for the report

L'Inconsueto - Birrificio Bustese
Via XXIV maggio, 1 - fraz Borsano - Busto Arsizio (VA) Tel: 3477402104
Tiny brewpub opened 6/6/2004 by Valentino Rossi, ex-homebrewer. Started with a Pale, an Amber and a Dark. Source: Busto Brewers on it.hobby.birra

La Fabbrica
Via P.R.Giuliani 38 - Saronno (VA) Tel: 02 967 09 493
email: web:
NOTE the following infos and reviews were written in 1998/99 and may be quite outdated. Please consult the brewery's site for updated infos
It is located near the 'Posta nuova' in Saronno, on the Varesina road. Typical dishes, focaccia, hams, live music, maxiscreen, parking, etc etc. Report by Gian Matteo "Jaffar" I visited it myself: there were three beers available (two lager and a sweet and spicy white), all about at 4.5%, not bad but a bit bland to my taste.

Via Aldo Moro, 10 - Dolzago (LC) Tel: 0341451108

Via Cellini Benvenuto, 2 - Trezzano Sul Naviglio (MI) - 20090 Tel: 02 445774312
email: web:

Via Maivista 3 - 24010 Sedrina (BG) Tel: 035636223
Again Ferdinando Carrara: "Brewery on three floors, with restaurant and live music. The italian-canadian brewmaster is using a 10hl equipment and makes a pils, an amber and a very goos weizen"

Manerba Brewery
Via Trevisago 19 - 25080 Manerba del Garda (BS) Tel: 0365.551309
Quite big Micro/BrewPub. Here are the informations by Ferdinando Carrara (who reviewed for us many micros): "The equipment (model "Brauhaus") has been made by the German firm Kaspar Schulz, and is the same used by Paulaner for many of its breweries.. The batch size os 20 hl, and the brewmaster is the same of Hopfen microbrewery of Bolzano. Featured beers are: helles, weizen, bock, dunkles (quite good). 200 seated places + 100 outdoors"

Via Roma 33 - Ponte San Pietro (BG) Tel: 3357308199 - 3382179214
email: web:

Via Roma 11 - 22017 Menaggio (CO) Tel: 0344 30645
email: web:

Piazza Risorgimento 1 - Carate Brianza (MI) Tel: 333 9722858
email: web:

Officina della Birra
via Matteotti 11 - Bresso (MI) Tel: 02/6106076
Brewpub reviwed by Marco Zini who liked particularly the Weiss; they make also a pale lager and a stronger and slightly sweeter amber lager. Opened in June 99.

Osteria del Santo Bevitore
Via Manzoni, 1 - 24030 Medolago (BG) Tel: 035 4948831
Source: Beverfood

Osteria di Bastardł - Last Out
Via Cologno, 22 - 24053 Brignano Gera d'Adda (BG) Tel: 0363 814053
email: web:
Source: Beverfood

Ponte Blu
Fr. Molino S. Pietro - 27050 Menconico (PV) Tel: 333.4753651
email: web:

Cascina Gaita - 20090 Settala (MI) Tel: 0295898150
email: web:

Q Beer
Via Mecenate 76 - 20138 Milano Tel: 02 58029230
email: web:
Brewpub-restaurant with a full and interesting menu and selected specialities. Three regular beers to start (pale lager, weizen and a strong 7% abv amber ale) and some planned seasonal beers. Source: it.hobby.birra

via dell'Industria 108 - Pagazzano (BG) - 24040 Tel: 0363/814600 Fax. 035/200317
email: web:

Sora' Lama' (San cassiano)
V. Spluga 66, San Cassiano (SO) Tel: 0343 20458
Microbrewery, producing five different bottled beers: a blond, a strong pale and amber, weiss and a barley wine (named "Vin d'Orz", that is barley wine translated)

Via per Appiano, 83 - Bulgarograsso (CO) Tel:

via Rutilia - Milano Tel: 02 5691616
email: web:
Information coming from it.hobby.birra. The place is nice and wide (looks like a disco-pub); the food is "fusion" i.e. a mix of mexican, arabian, japanese etc. The beers are: weiss, pilsener, strong lager, an amber "cream ale"... according to the reviewers they are a bit light-bodied and unexceptional, at least at the moment of their visit to the pub, just at their opening.


Freeway Pub
Via Ugo Foscolo,9 - Galgiana, Frazione di Casatenovo (LC) Tel:
email: web:
One of the best pubs specialized in belgian beers. A few rarities are also available; besides there are four kinds of "exclusive" ales, made - as is said - by a micro solely for this place. Their site is:

Via Regina Margherita, ang. fr. Campi - Milano Tel: 0254122690
Good selection including beers by best italian micros: it is a one of the Lambrate taps, it has been one of the first places to have Baladin not only in bottles but also on tap; they have sometimes other microbrews like Beba)

Il Fundeghč
Via Nicolini 1 - 22060 Cabiate (CO) Tel: 031-767041
Francesco Ragazzini, whom I thank for the info, tells us of a very good beer selection, maybe even better than the Woodstock itself.

Isola della Birra
via Medardo Rosso - Milano Tel: 0245482342
A few places in Milan are more and more devoted to craft beers. This "Beer Island" is a very good example: the have on tap Labrate's full range, two changing beers from Baladin's whole range and even a seasonal UK real ale from the cask. Food is sandwiches, bruschettas, cheeses and cold meats - no hot dishes besides wurstels.

La Brasserie del Camaleonte
Via XXIV Maggio - Paratico (BS) Tel:
Owned by Gianfranco Marini, speaker of the Universitą della Birra of Azzate, since ten years n.1 enthusiast and promoter of the belgian beer culture. Many thematic evenings are organized. The selection is of more tha 200 bottled beers and 6 on draught,all strictly belgian. The review is by Gabriella (whom I thank) of Progetto Birra, the most specialized italian distributor of belgian beers.

La Frottola
Via Riberia, 33 - 27029 Vigevano (PV) Tel: 0381 78185
This pub restaurant, besides a very good beer selection, is well known for the beer events it hosts, e.g guided tastings with beer guru Kuaska.

La Ratera
Via Ratti 22 Milano (zona Parco di Trenno) Tel: 0248202932
A new pub with a very interesting selection of beers, including italian micros. It frequently hosts guided tasting, at times with selected food. They plan to start also a full restaurant.

Moonshine 8
Zona piazzale Corvetto - Milano Tel:
Again Marco Zini informs us about a pub in Milan. Tiny but pleasant place, with an "alternative" atmosphere. Music on friday and saturday evening. Excellent selection focused expecially on belgian ales, from the abbey beers to the small micros' products. A note: mainsteam beers have the same price of the rarest specialties... perhaps to "punish" the drinkers that come to such a place just to order a Bud (that's what Marco thinks, and I agree!)

Mulligans Irish Pub
Via G. Govone, 28 - Milano Tel: 02 3451694
email: web:
One of the main references in Milan. Besides a few other less interesting taps, it always feature a true Uk real ale; the bottle selction is of high standard, with many belgian specialities together with italian microbrews by Birrificio e Baladin. Mullingans' is also well know for the hosted beer events and tastings, often with Kuaska. It is also a full restaurant with italian and irish food..

Pub 38
Via Volta, 38 - 23864 Malgrate (LC) Tel: 0341-200650
Tiny pub and unique in some way, as it is specialized in rare belgian ales on draught (it is easier to find them bottled). Here you can find a special brew made exclusively for the pub by Van Eecke; and - at rotation - Fantome, Chouffe, Oerbier and so on. Informations by Kuaska on it.hobby.birra.

Via S.Maria 56 - 27026 Garlasco (PV) Tel: 0382 800531
email: web:
Nice bavarian-style place, with german cooking; on tap very good german beers and sometimes seasonals (e.g. Forst Easter). Enthusiast owner and many bottled beers (100-120).

Via Pestalozzi, 1 - 20143 Milano (MI) Tel: 0289120479
Very good selection, maybe not as many as the claimed 400 but at least 200-300. The place is large but quite crowded on friday and saturdays (sometimes with some detriment of the service). High prices. The report and the comments are by Marco Zini whom I thanks.


A Tutta Birra
Via Palazzi,15 - 20124 Milano Tel: 02 201165
email: web:
It's one of the best shop I know of, excellent selection of more than 350 beers, mainly belgian but with a good choice of german, english and rest of the world also. The knowledgeable owner and the beer guides at your disposal will help you in your choice. They also store glassware and other beer items and they sponsor beer events, have a look at their site

Via Plinio - 20129 Milano Tel: 02 20402175
email: web:
It started just as a web site (Roybeer Homebrewing is still almost all focused on general beer culture and informations and not on the shop itself); then the webmasters decided to use professionally their beer knowledge and opened this shop in Milan. They have both beer bottles and homebrewing equipment (probably in the second section they have a wider range than Atuttabirra)

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