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Selected by regione : Sardegna


aderente Unionbirrai Barley
via C.Colombo, Maracalagonis (CA) Tel: / fax : 070-789496
email: web:

Adis Scopel - Birra Dolomiti
Loc. SuspantU- 09012 Capoterra (CA) Tel:
Producing the "Dolomiti" range of beers; you can find them at a place called Mastrobirraio in Cagliari (see Pub section).

Beerland Sardinia
Zona Industriale sett.6 n. 97 - 07026 Olbia (SS) Tel: 0789 57755
email: web:
Source:Beverfood - it.hobby.birra - web

Birrificio di Cagliari
Via Newton 24 - 09131 Cagliari (CA) Tel: 070 4560569
email: web:

Via Sardegna 11 - Uri (SS) - 07040 Tel: 329/0836107
email: web:

Gambrinus Fabbrica Birra Artigianale
Zona Industriale - 07030 Muros (SS) Tel: 079345725

Via Santa Croce 10 - 09076 Sedilo (OR) Tel: 3396034422
email: web:

Vico IX Vittorio Emanuele 22 - Fluminimaggiore (CI) Tel: / fax : 349 6332065
email: web:

Via Gennargentu, 16 - 08047 Tertenia (NU) Tel: 0782 93172
email: web:

Via Porto Torres 1 - 08025 Oliena (NU) Tel: 0784286024
Producing beers under the Bir's trademark, in three types: two pale ones and a stronger dark. Max year production capacity is 2000 hl.

Viale Trento, 22 - 09017 Sant'Antioco (CA) Tel: 0781 1964107
email: web:

Sardinia Brewery
Via Parini 119 - Quartu S. Elena (CA) - 07026 Tel: 070/43294
email: web:


Il Merlo
Cagliari Tel:
Alessandro reports us about this old traditional pub of Cagliari, closed and reopened many times. Good sandwiches, about 60-70 beers available, one of the best places in town.

La Terra di Mezzo
Via Portoscalas 1 - Cagliari Tel: 070 662889
Vegetarian restaurant, the only place one in Cagliari featuring a true beer menu, with a great selection of belgians (incl. Westvleteren12) and three beers by local micro Addis Scopel on draught. Thanks to Nicola for the worthy infos.

Via S.Giovanni 174 - Cagliari Tel:
The place is small (about 40 places) and is located in the old town of Cagliari; it features the microbrewed (by Addis Scopel) Dolomiti beers (pale, strong lager, amber and dark) matched with middle-europe food.

Ribot Pub
Piazza Michelangelo 14 - Cagliari Tel: 070/402982
Isidoro informed us about this place: well known pub, featuring a good selection of bottled beers and serving also the beers of Addis Scopel microbrewery.Food is sandwiches, steaks, pasta.

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