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Selected by regione : Toscana


aderente Unionbirrai Birra Amiata
Loc. Le Pergole - Arcidosso (GR) - 58031 Tel: /Fax 0564966865
email: web:

aderente Unionbirrai Conte di Campiglia
Piazza Puliti 3 - Firenze - 50121 Tel: /Fax 055/664344
email: web:

aderente Unionbirrai L'Olmaia
Strada Foce e Fornace,22 - Chianciano Terme (SI) Tel: /Fax 0578/69106
email: web:

aderente Unionbirrai La Petrognola
via S.Felice 1 - frazione Petrognola, Piazza al Serchio LU Tel: 0583 696143
email: web:
Brewed with locally grown spelt. Not sure about the exact brewing location, it is available at a baker's shop at the reported address.

aderente Unionbirrai Mosto Dolce
Via Dell'Arco, 6 - 59100 Prato Tel: 0574 21973
The address is that of the pub , the "brewery tap" (near piazza San Marco, in the street along the Cassero); the brewery is in Via Fra Bartolomeo, 211 (Tel: 0574.577030). Head of brewing operations is friend Ton Notermans, expert and well known homebrewer. His beers have already very good reviews, expecially the exceptional honey beer.

Atlantic Oil
Via Falterona , 50 - Porrena di Poppi (Arezzo) Tel: 0575550513

Birra dell'Elba
Via Claris Appiani 1/5 - 57038 Rio Marina (LI) Tel:
email: web:

Birrificio Artigiano - Orzo Bruno
Via Case Dipinte 6/8 - Pisa Tel: 050 578802
email: web:
OrzoBruno is the pub that is the brewery tap, whose address is reported here; the brewery itself is called Birrificio Artigianale and is in Bientina (PI). Brew-mistress is Rosa Gravina (ex-Lambrate, and this is promising). Three beers to start, all ales and - according to first reports - all characterful: Valdera Rossa (5.2%), Martesana (hoppy light ale, 4.2%) and the strong ale Gorgona (7.1%)

Birrificio degli Archi
via Cairoli 143 - 55049 Viareggio (LU) Tel: 0584 581901
email: web:

Piazza Guido Guerra 20 - 50053 Empoli (FI) Tel: 0571 526330
email: web:

Via Lodovica, 5135 - San Cassiano di Moriano (LU) - 55100 Tel: 0583 579260
email: web:

via Faentina 18 loc. Popolano - Marradi (FI) - 50034 Tel: 340 9581787
email: web:

I Due Mastri
Via per Iolo 34/a - 59100 Prato (PO) Tel: 334 7794268
email: web:

SP 551, n. 14 Loc. La Torre - 50038 Scarperia (FI) Tel: 392/6406361
email: web:

Il Bovaro
Via Pisana 3r, (Porta San Frediano)- Firenze Tel: 055-2207057
Brewpub on the center of Florence. See interesting review by Ton Notermans

Le Coti Nere
Loc. Pozzatello-Pontevecchio - 57030 Marciana (LI) Tel: 3299690629

Via Marconi 4 - 50056 Montelupo Fiorentino (FI) Tel: 339.3221316
email: web:

Via Sghinghetta, 36 - 57037 Portoferraio (LI) Tel: 0565 918326
email: web:

Odd Couple
V.le F. Redi, 73 - 50144 Firenze (FI) Tel: 335 1411888
email: web:

Localitą S.Zeno Strada A, 16/B - 52100 Arezzo (AR) Tel: 0575 959656
email: web:

Via Bisenzio, 361 - Mercatale di Vernio (PRATO) - 59025 Tel: 347 8940285 - 347 9741609
email: web:

San Quirico
Via Dante Alighieri 93a - 53027 San Quirico d'Orcia (SI) Tel: 0577898193
email: web:


Via Bresci n.4 ( del Mercato Nuovo) - 59100 PRATO Tel: 0574 24120
Information coming from I.H.B. Very good selection of draught beers (Celtic and the beer ranges by Morrel's, Wieninger, Augustiner) and a number of bottled beers including Samuel Adams. More infos on their site.

Birreria Bombababa'
Lungarno Mediceo 52 - Pisa Tel: 050541080
More than 100 international beer. Connectet to Paninoteca Mediceo of the same ownership, well known since many years.

Birreria San Marco
Via Aurelia Sud, 67 - Pietrasanta (LU) Tel:
A beautiful Brasserie in an '800 palace, owned by Nicola who offers a very good selection of belgian bottled beers, weel known in all Versilia (by Gabriella).

Brasserie La Loggia
P.zza Vittorio Emanuele, 11 - 56125 Pisa Tel: 050-46326
email: web:
Informations coming from Flavio Romboli of the Pub, whom I thank. "There are 5 draught beers and about 70 bottled beers changing according to the season; beer cooking with emphasis to fish. The brasserie is also t he site of the beer club "Vino d'Orzo". Have a look at their site In the meantime (2001) the number of beers has reached 350, and there is more...

Loc.Bibbiano - 53022 Buonconvento (SI) Tel: 0577 807077
email: web:
Besides a few good draught beers, there are 130 different bottled beers directly imported from Belgium (on it.hobby.birra, it has been remarked the high quality of the beer selections and the very good (i.e. low) prices). The place is also a wood-oven Pizzeria, restaurant, live music etc. Music, artistic and gastronomic events, including "Winter Aat the Brewery".


Manneken Pis' Beer
Corso Matteotti, 169 - Pontedera Tel:
email: 0587/59141 web:
You can find many belgian specialities (trappist, abbey, wit....), some of them quite rare like the Cantillon lambics (Gueze,Kriek e Rosč de gambrinus). Also englis and irish bottled beers. Also homebrewing supplies Reported on it.hobby.birra.

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