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Selected by regione : Trentino - Alto Adige


Agriturismo Birreria Seppila
Via Haspa 30 - 39035 Tesido (BZ) Tel: 0474/950204
Reported by Mario Bughetti

Birreria Pedavena
Piazza Fiera, 13 - Trento TN Tel: 0461 986255
email: web:
It is a brewpub in downtown Trento, a pizza-restaurant-bar that has nothing to do with the Heineken world. The brewery is an historical place of Trento, located in piazza Fiera, founded at the beginning of the last century by a family form Belluno, and brewing since august 2000 with a 10 hl equipment. They brew three kinds of beer (called Lag's Beer): Chiara (Helles style), Weizen and Rossa (Vienna), not too remarkable but improving, and a few seasonal festive beers. Great success right since the opening. Brewmaster is a young brewmistress from Germany. (Andrea Aldrighetti, andy (at ISP)

Via Pianlargo 2 San Leonardo (BZ) - 39015 Tel: 0473/656191 Fax 0473/641254
email: web:

Gassl Brau
via Conciatori 18 - Chiusa (BZ) - 39043 Tel: 0472 523623 Fax 0472 523624
email: web:

Hopfen delle Erbe 17 - 39100 Bolzano Tel: 0471/300788
Ingredients and brewmaster are of german origin. According to a reviewer the hefe-weizen is good and the other pale lager are sufficient, but other people have been more enthusiast. Worth a vist anyway; besides being located in the central Piazza delle Erbe, the pub itself is in an ancient and tipically Tyrolean location, split in several floors with interesting furniture. They serve good and tipical local food.

Hotel Excelsior
Piazza Cesare Battisti 11 - 38033 Cavalese (TN) Tel: 0462 340403
The brewery is part of a resort with several businesses carried on by memmbers of a single family:Hotel, Restaurant, winery, distillery, farm and now also microbrewery! See detailed review by Ton

Pfefferlechner Keller
Via Via San Martino 4 - Lana (BZ) - 39015 Tel: 0473/562521 Fax 0473/945996
email: web:

Pustertaler Freiheit Bier
Via Waidach 18 - 39030 Vandoies/Vallarga (BZ) Tel: 0472 548314
email: web:
Brewing a light lager and a Weissbier from locally grown barley.

Sapori della Valle del Chiese
Roncone TN Tel: 0465 900082
They make un pasteurized cheese, jams and also beer! Their "Alexander Bier" is a top fermenting blonde light ale, lightly hopped (with some infection problems due to the cheese laboratory). You can find the beer in 0.5 lt bottles in some shops and on draught in a pizzeria or the village. (Andrea Aldrighetti, andy (at ISP)

Via Venosta, 77 - Lasa (BZ) - 39023 Tel: 0473/628170
email: web:

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