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Selected by regione : Veneto


aderente Unionbirrai La Barchessa di Villa Pola
Via Sandro Pomini, 3 - 31050 Barcon di Vedelago TV Tel: 0423 772017
email: web:
Brewing a blonde (4,7%), a stronger lager lager (6,8), a pils (5), an amber lager (6,3) and a weizen (4,7). Supplying also a few other places around ("Beer by Birra Pola"). Brewer is Sebastiano Ladu, well known by homebrewers. Source: beverfood and it.hobby.birra

aderente Unionbirrai La Gastaldia
Via Rivasecca 7 - Pieve di Soligo (Tv) - 31053 Tel: 3483415963 0438 82081
email: web:

aderente Unionbirrai M'Anis
Via Casagrande Presa, 20 - Montebelluna (TV) - 31040 Tel: 0423.21586 - Fax 0423.601330
email: web:

aderente Unionbirrai Vecchio Birraio
Via Caselle, 87 - Campo San Martino loc. Marsango (PD) Tel: 049/552088
Brewpub. They produce four different beers: a Pilsener and three stronger beers (an amber, a red and a dark). The place opened in 16/8/97 and matches the beers with some beer cooking, for example "risotto with radicchio and beer" "flemish chicken" and more. The brewery can be visited by calling in advance. Again Paolo De Martin:" You feel the Canadian-American background (...) they use toasted malts also for the pale lager (...) and use the same top fermenting yeast for all the beers (...) the dark beers are of some distintion while the pils in my opinion is not correctly balanced (...) Anyway, not bad for being a new entry." Update: new brewer, the beers are on a good staandard; there is also a weizen and some seasonal. Besides the restaurant, they have a Pizzeria.

32 Via dei Birrai
Via Cal Lusent 41 - Onigo di Pederobba (TV) - 31040 Tel: 3474919563 0423 68 19 83
email: web:
(ass. Assobirra)

Arte Birraia - Birra Ofen
Via Montegge, 48 - Fraz Rasai - 32030 Seren del Grappa (BL) Tel: 0439 448154
email: web:
Brewing beers under the Ofen name. There beer is not served here but at the two "Locanda di Cecchet" pubs (see). Brewer is ex-Menabrea. Source: Beverfood, it.hobby.birra

Via Lungolago 6 - Alleghe (BL) Tel:
Reported again by Piero Eydenet and Paolo Demartin. This brewpub opened in 2000 and started brewing from extract: this anyway did not prevented them to have soon good results, according to our "strict" reviewer Paolo :-)

Birillo - Birra Postier
Via Gritti 68 - Porto S. Margherita di Caorle (VE) - 30020 Tel: 0421/260141 Fax 0421/269133
email: web:

Via Bacchiglione 11 - 36033 Isola Vicentina (VI) Tel: 0444.975050
email: web:

Strada Vicinale Monte Crocetta, 6 - 36100 Vicenza Tel: 0444965141
email: web:
Brewpub that soon had good reviews about the quality and personality of the beers, considering that it is at the beginiing. They started with three beers: HoplÓ, a well hopped 4.2% abv pils; Scarlet, an amber ale at 5.5%, with a balance of hops and caramel malt; and Wanted, a dark amber lager at 7%. Fuller review at Thanks to Keach and it.hobby.birra.

Birreria Artigianale Nord-Est
Via Montello, 12 - 31030 ALTIVOLE (TV) Tel: 0423-915513
Opened again with new ownership, and improved quality of the beers. (Paolo de Martin)

Birreria del Vichingo
Via Colombara 3 - 37035 San Giovanni Ilarione (VR) Tel: 0456550252
Microbrewery, it would brew a smoked beer (5,9%), an organic beer(5%), a special blonde (5,2%), a rice beer (5%), a dark(5,9%) and a weizen (4,5%). Infos by Beverfood

Brek Ristoranti (1)
Via delle Industrie, 8 - 30038 Spinea (VE) Tel: 0041 5495105

Brek Ristoranti (2)
Via Carducci 54 - 30173 Mestre (VE) Tel:

Via Brenta, 81- 32020 Livinalongo (BL) Tel: 0436 7280
They started with a pale (5%) and a weizen (4,5%) Source: Beverfood

Piazza al Paradiso, 1 - 36061 Semonzo del Grappa (TV) Tel: 0335 8064503
Source: Beverfood

Dez e Deb
Via del Ponte 14 - Presenaio - 32040 San Pietro di Cadore (BL) Tel:

Via Vivaro, 35 - 36030 Zugliano (VI) Tel: 0445330100
email: web:

Loc. Praleor 25 - Lazise (VR) - 37017 Tel: 045/6471144 Fax 045/6470607
email: web:

Via Giolitti 5 - 31050 Morgano (TV) Tel: 0422 739514
email: web:

San Gabriel
Via 4 novembre 7/8 - Busco di Ponte di Piave (TV) Tel: 0422 752899
Reported by C. Avanzi

Via Dante Alighieri 137 - Localita' Casoni - Mussolente (VI) Tel: 0424-573029
It is more like a Brew-Pizzeria than a Brewpub, with a small (7hl) plant by the Canadian Brew-Tech. According to the reviewer, at the moment of the opening the beer (a pale and a red lager) were not outstanding; later quality of beers quite improved, and the Pils is excellent.

Via Villa 8 - Mezzane Di Sotto (VR) - 37030 Tel: 045 8880281

Valley Beer
Via degli alpini 12 - 36072 Chiampo (VI) Tel: 04444214


La Locanda - Cecchet
Viale dei Dendrofori, 22 - 32100 Belluno (BL) Tel: 0437950772
Pub Restaurant serving (like the following one, of the same ownership) the "Ofen" beer produced by Artebirra micro (see) . First reviewed by Piero "Eydenet" who reported also the beer cuisine of personalized german-tyrolean style;an english style room and a little biergarten.

La Locanda 2 - Cecchet
Via Montelungo, 2 - 32032 Feltre (BL) Tel: 043983774
See place in Belluno

La Vecchia Nogara
Piazza Umberto I, 1 - Nogara (VR) Tel: 044289633
Again Francesco Cellamaro inform us of this place, that at the time of his (not recent) visit had a very large selection of bottles (probably more than a hundred). Ownership has changed since, so all this could have changed also (hopefully not).

Le Colonne
Via Venini, 2 - 36010 Velo d'Astico (VI) Tel: 0445 740210
Tony, the owner, offers 300 different beers, looking for new labels and for food and beer matching. (thanks Christian for the updates)

Michelangelo da Vinci
Villamarzana (Rovigo) Tel: 0452/65.90.28
email: web:
Quite peculiar settings (two real planes, a old house and a summer garden with pool, and a themed disco called "The "). Good selection of 40 bottled beers and many on draught; good service. Also a Pizzeria. Thanks to Francesco Cellamaro for all the infos.

Via Argine, 15 - Montebelluna (TV) Tel:
Again Gabriella informs us: "Nice and smart Brasserie with cooking matched with beers, owned by Andrea, expert in belgian craft beers. A speciality are the La Chouffe special ales for each season of the year."

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