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Baffo D'oro
S. Pietro di Monterosso Grana (CN) Tel: 0171 988151
About 120 beers, most of them belgian ales,including rarities such as the Gluhkriek served at 70C. Very good service, from tapping, to the right glasses and coasters. Thanks to Ludovico "Ludi" who found this place,interesting and not quite known!

Bar Birreria Il Cantuccio
V. Marconi 35, 28016 Legro - Orta San Giulio (NO) Tel: 032290481
email: web:
In front of the Railway Station of Orta, it used to be the pub in Europe featuring the largest number of beers, with its name in the Guinness Book of record. Still very well-stocked (over 200 beers), with competent and helpful owners. Good pizzas. First reported by Alessandro Lombardi

Chez Gaby - Art Cafe' Brasserie
Via S. Croce 2 - 10123 Torino Tel: 011 8172207
The selection is not wide but interesting (Menabrea, Forst, Schneider and Belgian); they organize tasting and beer/food evenings. Reported by Franco Tomasi whom I thank.

La Pioletta
Corso Francia 195 - Torino Tel: 0117493590
See Pub Section

Osteria Italia
Via Alliaud, 6 - 10054 Cesana Torinese (To) Tel: 0122 89285 - 339 7665561
In a ski resort between Sestriere and Claviere, has a particularly good and complete selection of Belgian beers; Renzo, the owner, is a real beer enthusiast, and often can get some rare or not distributed beers. The crepes are quite appetizing. Also available are other abbey products like wines liqueurs, jam, chocolate etc. There are a few rooms upstairs, with bed-and-breakfast service.

Piper Pub
Via del Ridotto 22 - Torino Tel: 011 251728
Infos coming from I.H.B. and another reviewer. Six draught beers, more than 300 bottles beers and a selection of 140 whiskies.


Castello Due
Via Oberdan 75 - Genova Tel: 0103728081
Pub in nervi, well-known for the regional cuisine (cundiggiun, trofiette al pesto, ravioli... ) and the more innovative dishes (including an Orval flavoured dessert). The beer range is purposedly a bit limited at 30 bottles, but interesting(Bloemen, Orval, Chimay, Orkney's). Infos by Kuaska.

Das Gambrinus Haus
Via Entella, 50 - 16043 Chiavari (GE) Tel: 0185 302846
Fabrizio inform us about this place, interesting not because the number of beers but for their selection: Andechs on tap, trappist ales and bottles from Baladin microbrewery.

Irish Pub
Via Bolzano, 23 - 16166 Genova Tel: 010 332284
Very good selection, more than 150 bottled beers, mainly belgian (including rarities) but not only. Also the tap selection is outstanding.Besides good sandwiches and salads, now the food has also some good main courses.

Pub Del Duca
Passeggiata Anita Garibaldi 3 - Genova Tel: 010321564
In Capolungo (Nervi). On tap interesting italian beers (Forst VIP e Heller Bock) and a few good foreign ones. More than 50 international bottles of good standard. Very good full restaurant ("trenette al pesto antique style"). Nice place with navy-style look and a terrace with a great sea view. Recommandation by Kuaska!

Via Dante, 49 - Laigueglia (SV) Tel: 0182 690236
Probably the best place in the Riviera dei Fiori for the beer selection (mainly belgian). Sadly the enthusiast flemish owner, Dirk, has died recently.


Freeway Pub
Via Ugo Foscolo,9 - Galgiana, Frazione di Casatenovo (LC) Tel:
email: web:
One of the best pubs specialized in belgian beers. A few rarities are also available; besides there are four kinds of "exclusive" ales, made - as is said - by a micro solely for this place. Their site is:

Via Regina Margherita, ang. fr. Campi - Milano Tel: 0254122690
Good selection including beers by best italian micros: it is a one of the Lambrate taps, it has been one of the first places to have Baladin not only in bottles but also on tap; they have sometimes other microbrews like Beba)

Il Fundeghč
Via Nicolini 1 - 22060 Cabiate (CO) Tel: 031-767041
Francesco Ragazzini, whom I thank for the info, tells us of a very good beer selection, maybe even better than the Woodstock itself.

Isola della Birra
via Medardo Rosso - Milano Tel: 0245482342
A few places in Milan are more and more devoted to craft beers. This "Beer Island" is a very good example: the have on tap Labrate's full range, two changing beers from Baladin's whole range and even a seasonal UK real ale from the cask. Food is sandwiches, bruschettas, cheeses and cold meats - no hot dishes besides wurstels.

La Brasserie del Camaleonte
Via XXIV Maggio - Paratico (BS) Tel:
Owned by Gianfranco Marini, speaker of the Universitą della Birra of Azzate, since ten years n.1 enthusiast and promoter of the belgian beer culture. Many thematic evenings are organized. The selection is of more tha 200 bottled beers and 6 on draught,all strictly belgian. The review is by Gabriella (whom I thank) of Progetto Birra, the most specialized italian distributor of belgian beers.

La Frottola
Via Riberia, 33 - 27029 Vigevano (PV) Tel: 0381 78185
This pub restaurant, besides a very good beer selection, is well known for the beer events it hosts, e.g guided tastings with beer guru Kuaska.

La Ratera
Via Ratti 22 Milano (zona Parco di Trenno) Tel: 0248202932
A new pub with a very interesting selection of beers, including italian micros. It frequently hosts guided tasting, at times with selected food. They plan to start also a full restaurant.

Moonshine 8
Zona piazzale Corvetto - Milano Tel:
Again Marco Zini informs us about a pub in Milan. Tiny but pleasant place, with an "alternative" atmosphere. Music on friday and saturday evening. Excellent selection focused expecially on belgian ales, from the abbey beers to the small micros' products. A note: mainsteam beers have the same price of the rarest specialties... perhaps to "punish" the drinkers that come to such a place just to order a Bud (that's what Marco thinks, and I agree!)

Mulligans Irish Pub
Via G. Govone, 28 - Milano Tel: 02 3451694
email: web:
One of the main references in Milan. Besides a few other less interesting taps, it always feature a true Uk real ale; the bottle selction is of high standard, with many belgian specialities together with italian microbrews by Birrificio e Baladin. Mullingans' is also well know for the hosted beer events and tastings, often with Kuaska. It is also a full restaurant with italian and irish food..

Pub 38
Via Volta, 38 - 23864 Malgrate (LC) Tel: 0341-200650
Tiny pub and unique in some way, as it is specialized in rare belgian ales on draught (it is easier to find them bottled). Here you can find a special brew made exclusively for the pub by Van Eecke; and - at rotation - Fantome, Chouffe, Oerbier and so on. Informations by Kuaska on it.hobby.birra.

Via S.Maria 56 - 27026 Garlasco (PV) Tel: 0382 800531
email: web:
Nice bavarian-style place, with german cooking; on tap very good german beers and sometimes seasonals (e.g. Forst Easter). Enthusiast owner and many bottled beers (100-120).

Via Pestalozzi, 1 - 20143 Milano (MI) Tel: 0289120479
Very good selection, maybe not as many as the claimed 400 but at least 200-300. The place is large but quite crowded on friday and saturdays (sometimes with some detriment of the service). High prices. The report and the comments are by Marco Zini whom I thanks.


La Locanda - Cecchet
Viale dei Dendrofori, 22 - 32100 Belluno (BL) Tel: 0437950772
Pub Restaurant serving (like the following one, of the same ownership) the "Ofen" beer produced by Artebirra micro (see) . First reviewed by Piero "Eydenet" who reported also the beer cuisine of personalized german-tyrolean style;an english style room and a little biergarten.

La Locanda 2 - Cecchet
Via Montelungo, 2 - 32032 Feltre (BL) Tel: 043983774
See place in Belluno

La Vecchia Nogara
Piazza Umberto I, 1 - Nogara (VR) Tel: 044289633
Again Francesco Cellamaro inform us of this place, that at the time of his (not recent) visit had a very large selection of bottles (probably more than a hundred). Ownership has changed since, so all this could have changed also (hopefully not).

Le Colonne
Via Venini, 2 - 36010 Velo d'Astico (VI) Tel: 0445 740210
Tony, the owner, offers 300 different beers, looking for new labels and for food and beer matching. (thanks Christian for the updates)

Michelangelo da Vinci
Villamarzana (Rovigo) Tel: 0452/65.90.28
email: web:
Quite peculiar settings (two real planes, a old house and a summer garden with pool, and a themed disco called "The "). Good selection of 40 bottled beers and many on draught; good service. Also a Pizzeria. Thanks to Francesco Cellamaro for all the infos.

Via Argine, 15 - Montebelluna (TV) Tel:
Again Gabriella informs us: "Nice and smart Brasserie with cooking matched with beers, owned by Andrea, expert in belgian craft beers. A speciality are the La Chouffe special ales for each season of the year."

Friuli - Venezia Giulia

La Giostra
Localitą Slivia -Trieste Tel:
Bottled english, german and exspecially belgian beers and some fantastic artisanal beers! Davo, the owner, always suggest you for the best, and service is very good. Informations and comments by Paolo Le Rose, president of Ass. Birrofila Triestina


Birreria Amadeus
Via Dagnini, 1 (ang. Via Murri) - 40137 Bologna Tel: 051 6234011
Standard (i.e. not Irish, English etc) pub, with a lot of beers, more than 100 of which 7 on draught, including Ceasurus at 12% ABV and Gordon Blond. Often crowded, loud music. (thanks to Michele for the tip and the infos)

Galleria Giulio Cesare
Piazza 3 Martiri, 16 - Rimini Tel:
Another place not to be missed by belgiab beer lovers, with about 100 bottles and La Chouffe on draught. Besided the beers, served with skill by Sergio, you can also taste many whiskies. Infos by Gabriella (Progetto Birra).

strada naz. Giardini - Pavullo nel Frignano (MO) Tel:
Info and review by Gianandrea "Ciuffo" Bruni:"A pub devoted to Belgium owned by true beer lovers, where by thei choiche "mainstream beers are not served". Quite good sandwiches and snacks, but the real plus are the 12/14 beers on tap (the number can vary) and the quite remarkable selection of rare bottled belgian ales. It is a must to come here just after the owners had a trip to Belgium..."

Via Mascarella - Bologna Tel:
Downtown pub. Clean and simple setting. The tap selection changes seasonally and you can find something interesting. The bottle selection is wide and well assorted. Classic pub food. Before my personal visit, the place was reported to me by Daniele.

Sebastian Pub
Via Darsena - Ferrara Tel: 0532/76.82.33
This pub has been made on a big german cargo ship, dismunted in Marghera near Venice and then fully built up again in Ferrara river. Owners are the same as Michelangelo da Vinci of Rovigo (see), and has a similar beer range and service. Thanks to Francesco Cellamaro for the report and review.


Via Bresci n.4 ( del Mercato Nuovo) - 59100 PRATO Tel: 0574 24120
Information coming from I.H.B. Very good selection of draught beers (Celtic and the beer ranges by Morrel's, Wieninger, Augustiner) and a number of bottled beers including Samuel Adams. More infos on their site.

Birreria Bombababa'
Lungarno Mediceo 52 - Pisa Tel: 050541080
More than 100 international beer. Connectet to Paninoteca Mediceo of the same ownership, well known since many years.

Birreria San Marco
Via Aurelia Sud, 67 - Pietrasanta (LU) Tel:
A beautiful Brasserie in an '800 palace, owned by Nicola who offers a very good selection of belgian bottled beers, weel known in all Versilia (by Gabriella).

Brasserie La Loggia
P.zza Vittorio Emanuele, 11 - 56125 Pisa Tel: 050-46326
email: web:
Informations coming from Flavio Romboli of the Pub, whom I thank. "There are 5 draught beers and about 70 bottled beers changing according to the season; beer cooking with emphasis to fish. The brasserie is also t he site of the beer club "Vino d'Orzo". Have a look at their site In the meantime (2001) the number of beers has reached 350, and there is more...

Loc.Bibbiano - 53022 Buonconvento (SI) Tel: 0577 807077
email: web:
Besides a few good draught beers, there are 130 different bottled beers directly imported from Belgium (on it.hobby.birra, it has been remarked the high quality of the beer selections and the very good (i.e. low) prices). The place is also a wood-oven Pizzeria, restaurant, live music etc. Music, artistic and gastronomic events, including "Winter Aat the Brewery".


Birlandia Pub
Via Laureati, 60 Porto D'Ascoli (AP) Tel: 0735/655334
350 bottled beers and 6 on draught. Thanks to Simona.


Pub-birreria-internet point A Tutta Birra Spoleto
Via di Fonte Secca, 7 (centro storico) - Spoleto (PG) Tel:
email: web:
The pub features at rotation of 500 beers, none of them mainstream: above all belgian (all the trappists) but also small Italian breweries and many worlwide beers, all seved at the right temperature and often matched with beer cusine.


Derry's - Il tempio della birra
Via Ostra Vetere - Giardini di Corcolle - Lunghezza (ROMA) Tel: 06.2203531
email: web:
Near Rome. You can choose among 200 beers from an informative list; the place is quite beatiful, full of breweriana (signs, mugs, mirrors etc), and is on three floors. Owner is Mauro Leardini helped by his father, nice and friendly guy. The place will soon work as a beer shop, with homebrewing and collecting items. Info and review by Roberto Merico; already reported by Leonardo Di Vincenzo.. thanks to both of you!

Oasi della Birra - Palombi
Piazza Testaccio 38/41 - Roma Tel: 06/5746122.
see Pub section.

Kenny's Pub
Via Passaglia No.1 - Roma Tel: 06397 21153
Mike Murphy's Starbess microbrewery that was supplying this pub has been closed. It seems that some microbrewed beers (by another micro) are sometimes served, but confusingly with the same name and brand as before...


Via Caravaglios 21 - 80100 Napoli (Fuorigrotta) Tel: 0812399212
email: web:
Everything about beer for this important beer reference in Napoli. The pub is in fact sided by a beershop selling many beers and also homebrewing stuff. The pub itself features about 100 beers; food is crostoni, pitas, sandwiches etc

Birreria Doppio Malto
Via Nazionale Appia - 83050 San Potito Ultra AV Tel: 0825981224
email: web:
500 beers available at rotation served with skill by the owner Tonino. Warm and pleasant place, a refuge for the true beer lovers. The report comes from Emiliano and Luca che ringrazio.

Via Salita Palazzo, 13 - Atripalda (AV) Tel:
email: web:
The pub, owned by beer enthusiast Yuri, features a selection of over 60 bottled belgian beers; 5 beers on tap; quite good food. Meeting point of local beerlovers, with tastings and beer events.


Estremo Sud
Via Matteotti, 3 - 70044 Polignano a Mare (Bari) Tel:
Pizzeria with more than 70 beers available


Il Merlo
Cagliari Tel:
Alessandro reports us about this old traditional pub of Cagliari, closed and reopened many times. Good sandwiches, about 60-70 beers available, one of the best places in town.

La Terra di Mezzo
Via Portoscalas 1 - Cagliari Tel: 070 662889
Vegetarian restaurant, the only place one in Cagliari featuring a true beer menu, with a great selection of belgians (incl. Westvleteren12) and three beers by local micro Addis Scopel on draught. Thanks to Nicola for the worthy infos.

Via S.Giovanni 174 - Cagliari Tel:
The place is small (about 40 places) and is located in the old town of Cagliari; it features the microbrewed (by Addis Scopel) Dolomiti beers (pale, strong lager, amber and dark) matched with middle-europe food.

Ribot Pub
Piazza Michelangelo 14 - Cagliari Tel: 070/402982
Isidoro informed us about this place: well known pub, featuring a good selection of bottled beers and serving also the beers of Addis Scopel microbrewery.Food is sandwiches, steaks, pasta.


Via Torremuzza 27 angolo Piazza Kalsa - 90133 Palermo Tel:
More than 70 selected international beers. The food features selected cheeses and hams. They organize tasting, and beer serving and beer cooking stages.

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