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La Pioletta
Torino Tel:
Michele on it.hobby.birra informs us: "This place has a very goos sekection of more than 350 beers, mainly bottled; it is a shop during the day and a pub at evening and night."


Enoteca Squillari
Via Cantore, 266r - 16149 Genova Tel: 010.6451070
email: web:
Wine shop with 60 or 70 different beers available. No rarities, but good enough selection of the best-known beers


A Tutta Birra
Via Palazzi,15 - 20124 Milano Tel: 02 201165
email: web:
It's one of the best shop I know of, excellent selection of more than 350 beers, mainly belgian but with a good choice of german, english and rest of the world also. The knowledgeable owner and the beer guides at your disposal will help you in your choice. They also store glassware and other beer items and they sponsor beer events, have a look at their site

Via Plinio - 20129 Milano Tel: 02 20402175
email: web:
It started just as a web site (Roybeer Homebrewing is still almost all focused on general beer culture and informations and not on the shop itself); then the webmasters decided to use professionally their beer knowledge and opened this shop in Milan. They have both beer bottles and homebrewing equipment (probably in the second section they have a wider range than Atuttabirra)


La Tana del Luppolo
Via G. Petroni 15/A - 40126 Bologna Tel: 051 238207
email: web:
Owned by Gianfranco Donati, who because of his passion for beer has changed his small milk-shop in one of best beer shops of Italy! More than 350 beers, much Belgium but also other countries, for example a selection of 25 different bavarina Weizen; also some nice glassware Reported in it.hobby.birra (in particular by beer "guru" Kuaska) e by Lorenzo by email.


Manneken Pis' Beer
Corso Matteotti, 169 - Pontedera Tel:
email: 0587/59141 web:
You can find many belgian specialities (trappist, abbey, wit....), some of them quite rare like the Cantillon lambics (Gueze,Kriek e RosŤ de gambrinus). Also englis and irish bottled beers. Also homebrewing supplies Reported on it.hobby.birra.


Oasi della Birra - Palombi
Roma Tel:
... It is also a traditional enoteca" (wine bar & shop) that in the evening becomes a pub, featuring probably the widest available beer selection in the country (about 500, of which many on draught in the evening). Opening time is 8-13,30 and 17-19,30 for the shop, 19,30-1 for the pub where it is also possible to eat interesting selections of hams and cheeses, soups and food which is well matched with the beers." (thanks to Marco Bolasco for the review)


Napoli Tel:
see Pub section.

Birra e Dintorni
Via Manfredi, 23 - 83042 Atripalda (AV) Tel: 0825628061
email: web:
About 150 beers available (mainly from belgium and ireland), and also breweriana. Reported by Roberto Merico


A Tutta Birra
Working mainly as a standard retail shop, but part of their catalog is available online. See Lombardia: Shops

email: web:
Online shop focused on rare belgian ales. See also TNT pub

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