Homebrewing in Italy in 1997


After more than 1 year since my first post to HBD about homebrewing in Italy, just a little update is due.

Personal homebrewing: [...]

Homebrewing in Italy: something is moving, beer kits are now widely available, and I could find even 1 (one) shop selling also grains, hops etc although with a limited choice by now. I could meet (by email only) other Italian homebrewers using mainly extract (we can find 25 Kg. extract cans) but also some all grain (getting grains and hops from a German village) and some hbrewers even trying malting their own grains!

Microbreweries/brepubs: I could find some! Just the address, not yet visited, but there ARE 3 or 4 and possibly more. Some just opened in 1997. The first are already mentioned in my Beer Page, and I am checking for the others.

My Beer Page: OK, I admit it, it's the main purpose of this message. I won't bother you any more. There is a Hbrewing section which is more useful to Italians (I know some are reading HBD), data and ratings of 810 beers, and a pub and microbrew guide to Italy which by now is a bit limited but I hope will grow. And labels, beer trip reports (Belgium) etc. Oh, it's almost completely dual-language (english/italian)


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