Homebrewing in Italy

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Nuovo libro di homebrewing:
La tua birra fatta in casa


Beer Labels of '900

2006 Guide to Microbreweries, Pubs, Beershops


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This section is devoted mainly to homebrewing in Italy. The Guide has technical basic and intermediate informations, mainly regarding extract+grains production.
For what concerns the ingredients, generally it is easier to find locally the hopped and unhopped malt extract (possibly a baker's extract, but see the guide about it), but most ingredients have to be shipped.


Homebrewing Stage

Organized in Genova the Homebrewing Stages - the teacher is: ...myself!

Other homebrewing resources in italian

New homebrewing book:
La tua birra fatta in casa

The MegaFAQ of it.hobby.birra!!!

MegaFAQ Text only version hosted on this site
2.1 version

MegaFAQ All 2.1 versions (HTML, Pdf, Txt) hosted by Hobbybirra site

Besides, in my link page look for the italian sites, some of them (both homebrewers' and suppliers') are quite well done and interesting.

Other homebrewing resources in english
The Brewery Non Italian (and also Italian) brewers and want-to-brewers should jump to this site. Not updated in years, but still recommended In the "Technical Library" section you can find articles of at every level (from the beginner to the expert); Cat's Meow in the same site is a huge recipe archive.

The Technical Guides

(this section is in italian only!)

Short Guide to Homebrewing
is my concise guide about how to start brewing, mainly focused on brewing with extract + special grains and hops. A bit old, still useful I hope.

Use of Yeast has some practical tips on liquid yeast use, yeast propagation and culturing from bottle-conditioned beers.

Brewing Formulas contains the formulas to calculate strength, alcool, IBUs etc.

More articles about homebrewing are in the Articoli Vari (italian) section


Excel sheet with hops storage calculations (see article in the Articoli Vari (italian) section)

Excel sheet with refractometer calculations (see article in the Articoli Vari (italian) section)

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The Recipes

Le Ricette (only in italian)

A few recipes are in in the some articles of the Articoli Vari (italian) section

The Suppliers

Italian Suppliers! In this Suppliers List I listed both the shops that are selling only kits (not hard to find now) and the shops selling also all the ingredients; to these, that are quite less common, I give more evidence List not updated since years!

Considered the good availability now of homebrewing ingredients and items here in Italy, I now use shops abroad only in special cases for ligtweight items such as special hops, yeasts etc. Note that shipping costs from US as mentioned in US sites seems very high, but if you contact the shop you can agree for much less expensive US Post and the costs become reasonable it the weight is not too much; for quite lightweight packets airmail cost is equal or even cheaper than surface.

Homebrewing in Italy - The Early Years

This section is in english only; here you can find some excerpts of the messages I sent in the late 90's to the HBD forum about homebrewing in Italy in those early years

1996; 1997; 1998;


Created by Massimo Faraggi