R.E.M. & Beer

...here's the story

For a lover of beer and homebrewing, but also (together with my wife Rosalba) a fan of music and in particular of the great band from Athens, GA, how is it possible to join both things? Here is the illustrated story.

New adventures in Hi-Fi In 1996 R.E.M. launch their beautiful album, here you can see its cover

The first beer: the label How can we celebrate this event? A special homebrew! But this time we start with the label, of course inspired by the album's cover...

Here is the beer!. The beer is brewed (with good results, according to the tasters). It is an amber ale of about 6.5% ABV. We show it also at our stand at the Convention of all the Italian Fan Clubs, in Milan in 1997 and in Bologna in 1998. This attracts the curiosity of the stand visitors; the precious bottles are defended by us from the assaults... at least until the final "sacrifice" at the end of the day!

UP and its celebration beer After Bill Berry's quit, R.E.M. are not discouraged and in 1998 they produce UP, another masterwork. We do not miss the chanche for another celebration homebrew. The recipe is the same, but obviously the label takes inspiration from the album's cover... with some personalization!

R.E.M. and our beer! And now the moment wer had waited so much for. R.E.M. come to Italy to promote the album. Besides other events, an unforgettable show in a little venue in Milan. Thanks to the kindness of the band manager, Mr. Bertis Downs, Max can enter into the backstage (while Rosalba is stopped by the stupidity of the security). Of course I can't go without some presents... 4 bottles or the rare "UP Ale" are given to Michael, Mike, Peter and to Bertis, together with the last bottle of "NAIHF beer" with the recommendation to share this last with Bill...

Michael is quite happy and..
amused by the present!

Michael, Mike e Peter sign a copy of the label
Peter also adds a little drawing of a small face, while Michael writes his... appreciation of beer!

Goodbye to the next album... and the next beer!

...nove anni dopo...

Much time has passed since that events and since when I put them on this page... but after so many years I can add a little update. What about my "R.E.M. Beer" bottle, where could it be now? The answer is in a photo report in the R.E.M. headuqarter by an onlime Athens news magazine. In their shrine, among the band's important Awards (TV awards, Gold Albums etc), there is also another precious item... can you see it?


Created by Massimo Faraggi