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Beer Labels of '900

2006 Guide to Microbreweries, Pubs, Beershops

Welcome to the oldest italian site on homebrewing and beer culture, born in 1997.
Here you can find recipes, guides and articles about homebrewing, a beer database with more than 3000 (as 2012) beer tasted and many more infos and articles about beer
All the stuff in the site is original, that is, written by myself and not just collected on the web. The site is a personal one, not commercial nor related to associations.

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2012 After a few years almost without activity, at last this website is again live and updated! The news are not only about gtaphic but above all about contents, as you can see in the Site Updates section below. I plan to go on with publishing new beer articles, homebrewing recipes and beer tastings on a regular schedule; at the same time I have given up updating a few parts (beer labels and microbreweries' guide), that are anyway still available in the Vintage section

June 2015

Beer Lab, new Android App for Homebrewing calculations

The App has been developed with the collaboration of maxbeer.org and is mostly based on functions and formulas of the HB section of this site. The App is free and can be downloaded from the Play Store, here is the direct link: Beer Lab Free

Site's updates

Last database update: 25/01/2021
(Last beer inserted: n. 2850 of 21/12/2010)

Other updates: 11/03/2012
Graphic and structural restyling and many content updates: besides the 400 new beers added in the database, new homebrewing article and two recipes; substantial updates to the London Pub Guide and the little guide to starting a microbrewery; obsolete sections have been moved and labelled as such.

Update History

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Licenza Creative Commons
Everything on this site (text, immages, databases) is original and is copyright by Massimo Faraggi, released with Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported (CC BY-NC-ND) license.
In practice, text, immages, databases and other stuff can be copied or reproduced with the following conditions: 1. It must be copied fully and without modification 2. The author must be mentioned 3. It cannot be reproduced in any form for commercial purposes, without the author's consent. Wherever possible, instead of copying the content of this page, please provide a link to the content on this site, or to this site's main page. Thanks!


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