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2012-03-11 Graphic and structural restyling and many content updates (besides the beer database): new homebrewing article and two recipes; substantial updates to the London Pub Guide and the little guide to starting a microbrewery; the microbrewery guide has been labelled "vintage" (no more updated) and replaced by a generalpage about craft beer in Italy; label page also declared "vintage".
updated or new files: new: craftbeer.php, uso_densimetro.htm modified: index.php, indexe.php, guide, style.css,,, articoli-birra.php, beer-trips.php, hbrew.php, guide.php, neg.htm. micro.htm, london-best-pub.php, ricette.htm, micro.htm

2010-01-12 In the Beer Trips, new report about Galles and England (italian only)
updated or new files: new: galles.htm modified: beer-trips.php

2008-11-11 Strongest beer page now real time updated
updated or new files: new: alctop.php modified: dbase.php

2008-10-28 Beer database:new best beer page, dinamic. Little updates in beerdatabase files
updated or new files: new: awbest.php modified: dbase.php, dbstat.php, select.php, tastelast.php. notedbas.php

2008-10-09 Homebrewing:new article (italian only) in the article section; homebrew page, added an excel tool.
updated or new files: new: uso_rifrattometro.htm rifrattometro.xls modified: hbrew.php articoli_birra.php

2008-08-20 New report about other recommended London Pubs (italian only)
updated or new files: new: london-best-pub.htm modified: beer-trips.php london-crawl.htm

2007-11-16 Homebrewing: two new articles (italian only) in the article section; homebrew page, added an excel tool and other little updates. Previously, created link database (link page now is dynamic)
updated or new files: new: conservazione_luppolo.htm tempi_birra.htm luppolo.xls modified: link.php hbrew.php articoli_birra.php

2007-04-16 New report about London Pub Crawls (italian only) and update to R.E.M. and Beer
updated or new files: new: london-crawl.htm london-pub (a / b).htm and many photos modified: beer-trips.php rembeer.php

2007-03-13 Big update and restructuring of Beer Guide, now it is dynamic and working on a database. Note:new or changed entries in beer database and beer guide listings will not be reported here any more.
updated or new files: new: guide (root,php) update.php modified: index, guide.php

2006-06-14 New article about heather ale, correction of Lord of the Beers article
updated or new files: new: erica.html modified: lord-rings-beer.htm

2006-05-04 Site registration, login system and restricted access pages. New (restricted) special database section (stats, graphs, downloads etc)
updated or new files: new: mainly, many php files for login system; dbstat.php. updated: mainly, include files, all label pages, dbase.php and other

2006-03-07 Latest Tastings in Beer Database section are now dynamic
updated or new files: dbase.php tastelast.php

2006-03-04 Updated links in the homebrew section
updated or new files: hbrew.php

2006-02-18 Biggest rework (though not much visible) since years: created mysql databases and changed everything to php
In particular, beer database and beer news updated and connected to databases
updated or new files: all! More changes on: dbase.php. New: bynation.php bystyle.php and other

2006-02-07 Site moved to new host (siteground)

end October-2005 (announced later) new homebrew recipes (ricette.htm hbrew.htm)

14-September-2005 Update to database section: comments and strongest list (tastelast.htm alctop.htm)

13-September-2005 Update to database section: main page, database and 2 listings (birretot.htm birretot2.htm)

25-June-2005 New article (porter.htm) in the article section (Italian only)

10-November-2004 English version of Middle-earth beer article (lord-rings-beer.htm)

7-November-2004 Two new articles (lord-rings-beer.htm and malti-forno.htm) in the article section (Italian only)

27-September-2004 Update to beer guide. updated: totregio.htm tottipo.htm update4.htm

20-June-2004 Update to beer guide. updated: totregio.htm tottipo.htm other.htm update4.htm

22-April-2004 A few correction to the beer guide (same files as below)

17-April-2004 Big update to beer guide (microbreweries only). updated: totregio.htm tottipo.htm thanks.htm update4.htm

13 and 10-April-2004 A few updates to link page.

21-March-2004 New italian articles section. Added article main page and 8 article pages.
Link menu modified in all main pages.

18-March-2004 Small updates to link page.

13-March-2004 A few updates to link page.

8-February-2004 Update to database section: main page, database (birretot.htm), tasting (updates and corrections) top listings (small corrections). New tastexx files. Excel database now offline, available on request.

2-Nov-2003 Update to homebrewing section: guide (makebr.htm) and recipes (ricette.htm)

28-Sep-2003 Beer Database updated (all formats) with new ratings and a few beers. Also added/updated: taste13.htm, aw5.htm (beer awards), alctop.htm (strongest beers)

28-Aug-2003 Beer Database updated (all formats) Also added: taste11.htm taste12.htm

06-Jun-2003 Guide section reorganized and fully updated. New pages: totregio.htm tottipo.htm (new general listings). Deleted pages: old general listings and all regional files. All other pages modified.
Contact and email features completely modified, and removed email info in all pages. New pages: contact.htm and report.htm. Deleted: feedback.htm Modified: almost alla pages. News section temporary modified.

26-Dec-2002 Link section updated. In the guide section, new page update3.htm with temporary list of many new places.

08-Sep-2002 Beer Database updated (all formats) Also added: taste8.htm taste9.htm taste10.htm

26-May-2002 All label scans moved to main site; gallery page modified.

21-Apr-2002 Many Micro-Guide subpages. Gallery pages, some labels and UK jpg's moved to main server

09-Oct-2001 Link page (just a few update, but complete rework). Many Micro-Guide subpages

06-Sep-2001 Megafaq txt (totfaq.txt) updated and new beer report (abbey.html) included; Pages (hbrew and mix) linking the above have also been updated and slightly modified.

24-June-2001 HB Supplier list and a few addition to links and other pubs

17-June-2001 Updated mainpages: link and rembeer. Updates subpages: guide subpages (other.htm, update2.htm and a few listings); alctop.htm subpage (database)

09-June-2001 Wellington info corrected.

02-April-2001 Complete rework of the site, expecially the micro/pub guide. Modified page: almost all. New pages: many new subpages for the micro/pub guide.
Dismiss of original site on and inauguration of new domain.

9-Feb-2001 Pages added/updated: micro-guide page, bovaro (new), new micro short list (removed and embedded in main guide), database, taste 7, all database files.

5-Nov-2000 Pages updated or added are: database, awards2000, taste6; homebrew, HB guide, suppliers; Guide page, new short update page; link section; Beertrips, new report by Davide

18-Apr-2000 All label scan in full size have been added and uploaded in a new server (Ciaoweb). All other labels also transferred to new server; label pages updated. Guide page and clickable map updated.
Some changes in site structure, new index pages in main directory, internal links have been changed. A mirror site at has been created.

2-Mar-2000 Rem/beer section added with photos. Guide page and clickable map updated.

4-Jan-2000 Database files and main page updated

16-Dec-99 Correction and updates in the homebrew page (links) and italian supplier list

4-Nov-99 Guide page and clickable map updated. Correction and updates in the link page. Added 1 link in the "Starting a micro" page. Two more reports (ita only) in the beer trips page.

24-Sep-99 Guide page updated (new entries and modifications), clickable map updated. "Starting a micro" page added and linked (ita only). Correction to Meta-Tags in index(ita)

2-Aug-99 Database files and page updated, guide page updated, short update page added

29-Jun-99 Link page, homebrew page with recipes and supplier list

8-May-99 New label gallery
Other pages modified: index (layout), link (small correction)

22-Apr-99 Change in feedback form (plain text) and IHB

5-Apr-99 Homebrew page modified with new layout and content
Subpages modified:Recipes (ita)
Subpages added: HBD message 1997 and 1998 (eng), formulas (ita), supplier list

9-Mar-99 Link page updated.
Database page modified. 3 pages added (last tastings, awards and alcohol)
Split List tables removed, single list added.

5-Mar-99 Link page updated.

10-Jan-99 Guide page updated, clickable map added. Link page updated. It.hobby.birra page with archives created (italian only)

15-Nov-98 Beer database page updated

8-Nov-98 London report in BeerTrip page

26-Oct-98 Homebrew page updated (mainly italian). Link page updated. Links in homebrew and Guide pages becomes direct instead of indirect.

13-Oct-98 Premiowww banner deleted. Misc. Page becomes Beertrips Page

05-Aug-98 More micros in the Micros & Pubs Page

26-Jul-98 Aesthetical modification of all the pages; link page updated

June/July News about newsgroup

26-May-98 Turin shop added

20-May-98 Beer Database: 11 beer added and reviewed; link to vote the site

15-May-98 Counter

11-May-98 Page with news about newsgroup request

17-Apr-98 New Label Pages on Fortunecity: 2 Galleries and all small labels. Beer trip translated to italian.

29-Mar-98 Homebrewing guide ver.4.01 - Homebrewing page

20-Mar-98 Beer Guide added 7 micros and 1 pub

19-Feb-98 Beer links checked - updated

9-Feb-98 Beer Database: 12 beers added, new section "Recently tasted"

22-Jan-98 Feedback form added and linked to all pages
Notes to database translated to Italian

23-Dec-97 Label page: Xmas labels
Database: added short txt list
Added Meta Tags, other minor changes

23-Nov-97 ***Official Release***
Link page and Beer guide page added!
many changes to all the pages.

12-Nov-97 Minor changes:TITLE, some italian pages

6-Nov-97 Double language version created (Italian/English)
Homebrewing Page modified, supplier added
new release of Short Homebrewing Guide
Beer Recipes added, HBD post added
other pages modified for Italian/English version, backgrounds

27-Oct-97 Database updated to 807 beers, database page modified, notes added
main page: counter added

14-Oct-97 add/change images

12-Oct-97 miscellaneous:belgian report modified
other:bug corrections, minor changes

07-Oct-97 First release

all pages now are with some data